British High Commission in Port Vila Appoints UK Honorary Consul in Vanuatu

The British High Commission in Vanuatu has appointed Mr. Michael Benjamin as the United Kingdom’s (UK) Honorary Consul to Vanuatu.

Mr. Benjamin received his official letter of appointment at an informal event at Reefers on Wednesday 4th of November.

In announcing Mr Benjamin’s appointment, British High Commissioner, Karen Bell, explained that the key role for the Honorary Consul is to help the High Commission support British visitors in need of help and members of the British resident community at times of crisis.

She noted Mr Benjamin brought to the role of Honorary Consul over 25 years’ experience in healthcare and emergency services, including 13 years with ProMedical in Vanuatu, which would be invaluable.

In his statement, Mr Benjamin said: “I am honoured and humbled to have been appointed as UK Honorary Consul.

“I look forward to working with the High Commission team to provide high quality consular services to British citizens and people of other nationalities who are eligible for our help.”

The British High Commission re-opened their office in Port Vila in July 2019.

Their key function is to strengthen partnerships with Vanuatu on shared international priorities, particularly climate change, ocean management and the response to the COVID pandemic.

As one of the biggest donors to multilateral funds and institutions, including the UN, World Bank and ADB, the UK also aims to be an advocate for Vanuatu and other small island developing states in multilateral institutions, and to help increase their access to finance for development.

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