Bred Bank indicates support for next tourism awards

Deputy PM and Minister of Tourism Loughman thank Bred Bank Vanuatu for its commitment since 2017 to ensuring a successful Tourism Awards (photo: George Borugu)

Bred Bank, the major sponsor of the Vanuatu Tourism Awards of 2017 to 2018 has declared its support for the next event.

The General Manager of Bred Bank, James Hudson, told the organisers in the presence of everyone including the Deputy Minister and Minister of Tourism, Trades and Industry, Bob Loughman, during this year’s award ceremony that they (Bred Bank) want to be part of the next Vanuatu Tourism Awards.

He said: “If we’re given the opportunity we’d like to also talk about next year as well. This is a great event that needs to be supported”.

The Vanuatu Tourism Awards recognizes and promotes excellence in tourism.

It runs every two years showcasing a wide range of tourism businesses across Vanuatu. It is known as Vanuatu’s tourism red carpet event.

Winners of the 2017 to 2018 were recently announced at the Convention Center in Port Vila in front of industry leaders, government ministers and high officials, colleague tourism operators and their families.

Bred Bank Vanuatu was applauded for its partnership and sponsorship in ensuring the Vanuatu Tourism Awards third edition which finally came to an end last Saturday was a a success.

On behalf of the government, DPM Loughman as Minister of Tourism thanked Bred Bank for its commitment to the initiative.

Tourism remains the main driver of economic growth and development in Vanuatu therefore, the Ministry and Department of Tourism are committed to improving products to meet tourist demands and improve each visitor’s experience.

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