Bio-security to examine beetle symptoms on Emae

Vehicles from north Efate traveling to town are expected to go through check points guarded by VMF Offices. Photo: MALFFB

Some officers from the Department of Biosecurity (DoB) will be traveling to the island of Emae soon to examine reports of suspected Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) affecting coconuts palms there.

This was conveyed by the Senior Provincial Liaison Officer from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Philip Meto, who is heading the planning of the day-to-day activities of the current CRB Operation.

Meto told the Daily Post that they have received reports not only from Emae but areas from outside the State of Emergency zone on Efate about the presence of the beetle and symptoms that needs to be verified.

“Those reports will be verified by our team before further action can be taken,” he said.

Meto then urged all chiefs and other community leaders on Efate to help in mobilizing their communities to assist with the operation.

“Our future generation will be affected if the CRB infestation is not controlled on Efate.

“People should volunteer freely instead of asking to help out and get paid because the issue concerns everyone,” he stressed.

Currently, the areas from Gideon’s Landing to Arar Point in the north-west coast of Efate and part of the coastal area on Lelepa are a quarantine zone.

This means that the movement of materials that can carry the eggs of the beetle and larvae into unaffected areas is not allowed.

The State of Emergency ends on Tuesday next week.

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