22 Bills Passed, 2 Withdrawn

Parliament has passed 22 bills out of the total 24 listed for the Second Extraordinary session that ended yesterday morning.

The two bills withheld by the government for further consultations are the Bill for the Adoption Act No. of 2019, and the Bill for Vanuatu Tourism Office (Amendment) Act No. of 2019.

Parliamentary commentators say this is one of the first time a Speaker of Parliament has guided the parliament to pass such a large number of bills in one sitting, with the exception of the two remaining bills, especially when some of the bills generated a lot of debate before being passed, with the support of both sides of the house.

”The Speaker did very well, even to guide the parliament to meet in the evening to ensure it passes the government bills for the country,” one parliamentary observer said.

“He guided the Members of Parliament in discussions, debate and the passing of the bills and must be congratulated for his leadership in parliament.”

The Second Ordinary Session of Parliament starts on Monday next week and will be officially open by the President of the Republic of Vanuatu.

A total of 27 bills are listed for this sitting. These include: Bill for the Appropriation (2020) Act No. of 2019; Bill for Vanuatu National University; Bill for Vanuatu Education Authority; Bill for Education(Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for National Payment System Act No. of 2019; Bill for Electricity Supply (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for Expenditure Review and Audit (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for Government Contracts and Tenders (Amendment) Act No. of 2019; Bill for National Security Council Act No. of 2019, and Bill for Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act No. of 2019.

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