Biggest celebration for TAFEA Day in Port Vila

Tafea Day activities will take place on October 7 and 8 at Korman Stadium.

The people of TAFEA Province are celebrating the day of the birth of their province this year over two days in Port Vila.

TAFEA Day normally falls on October 8 but this year, the celebration in Port Vila will start on October 7.

The venue of the celebration is at Korman Stadium.

An Organising Committee has been set up around two months ago to oversee the arrangements and a successful celebration.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘TAFEA I Redi’ (TAFEA Is Ready), that encompasses the province’s readiness and acceptance for change and advancement in its development to build not only the province but also contribute to a better nation of Vanuatu along with the other five provinces.

The Head of State is expected to hand over medals to individuals from Tafea Province on the first day of the event when it is officially opened at Korman Stadium.

The first day will see sports activities taking place throughout the day as well as educational displays before the evening ends with a boxing tournament.

Activities for the two days include sports such as boxing, trade exhibition, agriculture exhibition, fisheries exhibition, education exhibition, public forum, music and other displays.

On October 8, which is the official date of the day the province was formed, a parade will take place on the street of Freshwota 2 to Korman Stadium in the morning where the formal programme will take place.

To make the parade colourful and because the province is made up of five islands, Tanna will be marching in red shirts or dresses, Erromango green, Aniwa blue, Futuna black and Aneityum yellow. Customary attires will also be displayed during the march.

The second day will see panel discussions taking place.

The ending of the programme from 6 to 9pm is a music festival that is expected to showcase mainly music talents from TAFEA Province.

Members of Parliament from TAFEA are expected to be part of the celebrations in Port Vila.

Already companies and individuals are giving in their sponsorships for the event, which is expected to be the biggest ever held in Port Vila.

TAFEA is the only province that has retained its name since the establishment of the local government system in the 1980s, before the provincial system was introduced.

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