Port Vila Locally owned engineering firm, BI Consulting, continues to lead the way for other Ni-Vanuatu businesses in the construction sector with the launch of the first Ni-Vanuatu engineering company website.

“The construction sector in Vanuatu has been dominated by overseas businesses for a long time,” said Mr. Bikenibeu Ieremiah, Managing Director of BI Consulting.

“There’s been a lot of talk about increasing the participation of Ni-Vanuatu businesses in the construction sector, and certainly there are great economic and employment opportunities. It is up to us as Ni-Vanuatu businesses to better communicate the services and products that we offer.”

Mr. Ieremiah made the comments at the launch of the new BI Consulting website to the business community on Wednesday 31 March at Yumiwork. “This website is a great step forward for us. We are confident in the quality of the services that we offer and wanted to showcase this to aid donors, investors, and project managers so they know we are here and ready to work. Now they can come knocking at our door.”

Established in 2013 by Mr. Ieremiah and his wife Tina Ieremiah, BI Consulting has a fast-growing reputation in both the private and public sector for professional results.

“BI Consulting is 100% locally owned engineering business. We have ten full-time staff including seven qualified engineers, a highly experienced draftsperson and two highly experienced office administrators. All of our staff our local,” said Mr. Ieremiah.

BI Consulting provides a comprehensive range of civil and structural engineering services for projects large and small, ranging from Government infrastructure to residential house designs and insurance certification, as well as commercial projects including hotels and resorts.

“We are qualified to carry out projects both in the building industry and civil works. We are capable of diving into any infrastructure project and putting in 110% effort to bring it to a successful completion,” said Mr. Ieremiah.

Their team has worked across Vanuatu, with a focus on Port Vila, Luganville and rural Efate, as well as civil works on outer islands, including Vanuatu’s road networks in Malekula, Epi, Pentecost, Tongoa and Tanna.

“Congratulations BI Consulting on your new digital presence. We applaud the quality of your civil engineering work, and especially your contract administration systems and procedures which a World Bank team have described as the best in the Pacific,” said Mr. Lawrie Carlson, Vanuatu Infrastructure Reconstruction and Improvement Project’s Project Manager with the Vanuatu Public Works Department.

Mr. Ieremiah commented: “Our professional team takes pride in the quality of our services. What we have realised is that for us to continue to grow, our marketing presence has to be equally professional.”

“The BI Consulting website is part of a new marketing strategy for us, which includes a new Capability Statement, refreshed branding and stationery, and a strengthened social media presence.”

“This was a step into new territory for us, but with the strong support of the marketing team at Savvy Vanuatu, we are proud to launch this website and communicate what we offer to many new potential clients,” said Mr. Ieremiah.

Funding support for development of the website was provided through Business Link Pacific (BLP) which is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr. Steve Knapp, BLP’s Director congratulated BI Consulting and Savvy Vanuatu in a video message at the website launch event.

“This kind of initiative is an indicator of the accelerating digital transformation that is happening in the Pacific islands and Vanuatu. At BLP we support businesses like BI Consulting to access advisory services that can transform their work and take their business to the next level,’ said Mr. Knapp.

“This is the kind of support that Savvy Vanuatu is providing by improving BI’s digital presence and marketing approach.”

“BI Consulting’s digital transformation will serve them well in a world that is increasingly connected. As a Ni-Vanuatu engineering and architectural consultancy they bring a brand-new perspective to their industry and clients,” concluded Mr. Knapp.

See BI Consulting’s mobile-friendly website at www.bic.com.vu and follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The BI Consulting team can be contacted at their Freswota office through email bikeni@bic.com.vu or phone 27313.

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