Backpack from sky returned

Principal Graham Takalo handing over the backpack to a staff of Air Taxi yesterday morning.

A luggage belonging to a tourist that fell off from the cargo hold of a small aircraft on Thursday has been returned to the aircraft company, yesterday morning.

A staff of Air Taxi confirmed the small aircraft was somewhere above Erromango Island when the pilot noticed the cargo hold door was open. The aircraft was on it way to Tanna with tourist on board.

Having noticed that, the pilot decided it was safer to fly back to Port Vila to examine the problem.

Before reaching the Domestic airport, a backpack belonging to the tourist on board fell off from the cargo hold and landed on the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT)’s car park, at around 1:30pm.

Staff and students of VIT said the noise from the backpack landing was so loud that they thought a tyre from a vehicle has exploded.

Principal of VIT said it was fortunate that the bag did not hit anyone.

He also confirmed the bag contained valuable items in it including the tourist’s passport.

Principal Jack Takalo Graham said handing over the backpack to the aircraft company is just a gesture to show that there are still honest people around in the society.

The principal also thanked the company for the reward which he received in return of the backpack. He handed over the Vt20,000 to the school’s accountant, in presence of Daily Post and a representative of Air Taxi.

Meanwhile, the Air Taxi representative told Daily Post that the aircraft did not sustain any mechanical faults. She said the cargo hold door, probably, was not closed well, prior to the flight.

She retariated that an engineer has thoroughly checked the aircraft on Thursday and again on Friday and confirmed there were no mechanical faults.

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