Australia committed to Pathways project

Catch monitoring at Maskelyne Islands, Malekula

The Australian Government has already committed $7.5 million (Vt585 million) to the Pathways project.

Another tranche funding of $8 million (Vt624 million) will be provided later this year to support the continuity of the project.

According to Australian High Commission in Vanuatu, Sarah deZoeten, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and the Pacific Community (SPC) are also funding the “Agriculture and fisheries for improved nutrition: an integrated agri-food system analyses for the Pacific region” project, which is analysing Pacific agri-food systems and bringing together communities, provincial and national governments in order to identify actions to improve local food environments and support national policies to promote healthier, more diverse diets.

Commissioner Zoeten explained that since the implementation of the Operation Pathway project in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, participating communities have reported seeing a greater variety of fish species and more fish in their coastal areas.

She said the project has engaged more than 100 communities with a long-term aim of communities setting up their own fisheries management goals and identifying resources to meet those goals.

“Coastal fisheries are a source of food and income for local communities in the Pacific Islands, including in Vanuatu,” she added

Daily Post is aware that Vanuatu has a long history of community-based fisheries management and the project seeks to build on that practice and knowledge.

In Vanuatu the current Pathway project is supporting 31 communities in community-based fisheries management.

The Pathway project aligns with Vanuatu’s National Sustainable Development Plan.

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