Marijuana Plant

Marijuana Plant

The cultivation of the prohibited illegal drug Marijuana is a worrying issue for Vanuatu law enforcement authorities, with the escalating cultivation, trade and use of the drug, largely throughout Port Vila and Luganville and also in the rural communities of Vanuatu.

Marijuana is said to become a major underground commercial revenue earner for some urban and rural population of Vanuatu today. Reliable sources told Daily Post that the marijuana underground trade has and is paying for some family needs in Port Vila society over the past years to date.

An alleged disturbing report indicated that some secondary school students, mainly throughout Port Vila, have in the past years been the traffickers of marijuana drug either trading it by taking it to the islands during school holidays or into Port Vila.Daily Post reliable sources say this has become an almost uncontrollable situation over the past few years.

Other marijuana traders also target tourists visiting Port Vila.

It is also alleged that the marijuana plant is found in practically all the habitat islands of Vanuatu from the north to the south of the archipelago.

At the harvest time, the marijuana plant is harvested and packed in different concealed techniques to avoid being recognized and seized by the police and local authorities and are then shipped to either Port Vila or Luganville.

Marijuana seeds are also traded off from Port Vila to the island for cultivation and vice-versa.

The Daily Post sources said marijuana users or smokers have lately turned to other hard drugs such as cocaine because they found that after a long period of using marijuana, it becomes less effective and so they now turn to other hard drugs such as cocaine and others pound it into powder before usage.

It remains to be proven if there is any cocaine doing the rounds in the black markets of Port Vila.

It was also alleged that the local authorities need a tighter laws to deal with the prohibited drug marijuana with all other prohibited hard drugs.

The Daily Post understands that a Bill to clamp down on drugs, will be going before parliament this year and once passed, marijuana farmers, traffickers and users will be dealt with on the spot under the new law once passed by parliament and effective.

The marijuana as a prohibited drug has created huge unwanted social behaviors and problems amongst families and communities in Port Vila and Luganville as well as in the rural areas of Vanuatu too, it was alleged.

One reliable source said, “It is now uncontrollable in Port Vila and the need to have the tighter legislation on the drug, is a must because it affects the mind and the life of hundreds of future human resources of the country.

“A large number of young people and even older group of Vanuatu population have fallen victim to marijuana and this becoming a major concern for the local authorities.

“We need the assistance of every leader including the chiefs, the churches, women and youth organizations to work together with the Police and other concerned Government authorities to deal with the issue of the illegal Marijuana cultivation, the trafficking and usage of the drug by vast majority of young and middle-age people in Port Vila and Vanuatu today”.

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