Appeal for Funds to Repair Leaking Roofs at VCH

Photo: Carrisa Jacobe

South Sea Services Managing Director Carrisa Jacobe is making an appeal to raise funds that will repair the leaks at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) Maternity Ward corridor. 

During a meeting yesterday with the VCH General Service Manager, Paul Makikon, Acting Medical Superintendent Errolyn Tungu and the Maintenance Supervisor Romain Paniel, Mrs Jacobe has confirmed plans of repairs are underway. 

“I saw the front page newspaper article on the Daily Post about the leaks on January 7 and a lot of comments on social media, but I didn’t see any solution," she said 

“I had some ideas to raise funds for the repairs, so I reached out to a couple of doctors working at the hospital to see if anything had already been done to fix the leaks. 

“They encouraged the idea, hence I reached out to Paul Makikon initially over the weekend." 

Mrs Jacobe said at the moment, they will get an engineer to inspect the area and find the cost of repairs needed to fix the leaks near the maternity ward. 

“We have a lot of people interested in helping and supporting this project who are not only in Vanuatu but worldwide.

“There will be different ways of raising funds. Direct into a bank account for donations set up solely for this project.

“And a couple of fundraising events are in the midst of being planned. I'm so happy the community is coming together for this." 

She said people can get involved by donating or offering their help or expertise for the project.

“I am fully aware it's tough times for most people with their incomes at the moment. But those who want to support this project can donate what they can no matter how big or small it may be, it will all add up and go towards a good cause.

“This is about the community coming together to help OUR hospital. We will all need it one day, so let's look after it!"

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