Ambaens must believe in themselves: Ala

Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cherol Ala has encouraged all Ambaens living in Port Vila and around Efate to realize their potentials and to always believe in themselves.

DG Ala made the encouragement to the Ambaen community in Port Vila celebrated Ambae day on the 4th and 5th of October at Korman Stadium, Port Vila.

DG Ala says the time is here and now and that God is with everyone. She says to move Ambae forward everyone needs to put in extra effort and not sit back and relax while expecting the chiefs or the government to make the first move.

The 1st of October every year is observed as Ambae day as that was the day in 2017 when the whole island was evacuated due to the Mt Lombenben volcanic eruption. However, since the 1st of October fell on a weekday, the Ambaen community hosted the celebration over the weekend. Ms. Ala reflected on that and reminded everyone that during that eruption no one had any certainty on what the future held for them. Even the British Broadcasting Corporation labeled Ambae as the island of no return.

Ms. Ala however says, the odds were beaten and a lot of people returned to start over. She says she is thankful for the government which is committed to develop Ambae and she is also glad that the vulnerability of the island to disasters is considered in the governments National Sustainable Development Plan.

Though Ms. Ala is grateful for the government’s efforts.

She says Ambaens need to always seek God for a positive direction forward and to refrain from using social media as a tool to complain, argue or hate fellow Ambaens.

Chief Steven Tahi of Aroronga village on east Ambae echoed the DG’s words of encouragement.

Tahi who is a lawyer by profession says Ambaens need to stop focusing on negative thoughts and focus on what is positive to them. He acknowledged that there are a lot of Ambaens in Vila, Luganville and abroad, engaging in different professions.

Chief Tahi encouraged all Ambaens to live like the Kingfisher and always look back to where they come from as that is a key to moving Ambae forward in development.

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