One of the hardest hit communities of Ambae during the recent tragedies of Manaro eruptions and recent strings of evocations is Lolovele Village.

Lolovele is a little village on South Ambae, tucked away beneath the southern footings of the great and mighty Manaro volcano.

However, despite being badly devastated by the Manaro volcano, the Lolovele community still strongly determines to rebuild the welfare of its community. The entire population of Lolovele which was evacuated recently have now relocated permanently back to the village, rebuilding their lives on their motherland! One of the most important needs of the community with the idea of building a new permanent church project.

The association of the Lolovele SDA church community of South Ambae in Port Vila has been actively engaging in various initiatives for the last five years and raising funds towards this worthwhile purpose.

The Association is organizing a fun day on Sunday the 15th of September (tomorrow) behind Malapoa College (opposite Malapoa College back gate) at the residence of chief Densly Tari – there is a large clearing there, right beside the main road.

Youth clubs are encouraged to register their teams (males and mix) for the volleyball games at the fee of VT500 a team, standing the chance to walk away with 10,000 first prizes, Vt5,000 second prizes and third prizes of VT2,500 + a volleyball. There will also be a few kids’ fun activities and great prizes to be won as well.

The fun day will commence at about 8:00am and will conclude most likely before 5:00pm.

There will be heaps of good cooked food for sale, volleyball games and children fun games. The history of the Lolovele church building and the progress of the new church building will also be on display for everyone to see!

If you are in Port Vila come along help share and support the fun day with the people of Lolovele village.

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