A government-owned vehicle (G-1270) belonging to the Ministry of Education and Training has allegedly been misused over the weekend.

Members of the public have again stressed concerns about ongoing negligence of government -owned vehicles after photos were shared on social media showing G-1270 at the coast somewhere on Efate.

It’s not known if the driver or people using the vehicle are conducting official duty. The misuse of government vehicles is not a new issue.

The Public Service Commission has been clamping down on misuse of G-vehicles. But despite the GPS system put in place, misuse continues to escalate.

Political appointees and those under the Official Salary Act who misuse public vehicles are dealt with by the Prime Minister’s Office while civil servants breaching PSC regulations are dealt with by the PSC.

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Ryan Keith

Always we see when a misuse of Government Vehicle, there will only be the vehicles picture posted, how about we post the drivers pic and who ever was in the car, refer to car logs or witness accounts and make them known to the public. we are tired of seeing, "the driver" or "the alleged staff" .. no just put their photo and names, that might make other staffs think twice before misuse..

and also, a small child can see this was not official duty, what is the MOET planning? building a school on the sand in dry creek? PSC needs to step up, hire the municipal to confiscate any G vehicle after 6. Police is (no Offence) very weak, not very proactive, patrol every night, if they don't want to waste fuel, park somewhere and wait.

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