Alcohol consumption by students a social issue: Principal

Alcohol consumption increased among college students is an issue that the whole of society must strive to solve as it is beyond schools’ control, said the Principal of Onesua Presbyterian College (OPC), Graham Kalmar.

The principal of the boarding secondary school at north Efate stressed that students’ alcohol consumption is getting worst in schools.

It is a national issue and addressing it requires everyone’s responsibility, he said.

“These concerning behaviors should be addressed by parents,” he said.

“Parents should not expect schools to correct their student’s behavior when they do not address it first.

“Teachers teach strictly by syllabus and there is no time in addressing behaviors that should be addressed by parents as caretakers

“Unless we spend enough time with our children, we will continue to experience these unwanted behaviors.”

Principal Kalmar said the school has disciplined several of its students due to alcohol consumption.

The Principal of another secondary school outside Port Vila told the Daily Post that alcohol consumption is becoming a serious concern for them.

He said he believes the issue is worsening because the society fails to address it.

“The students grow up with these behaviors before coming to schools.

“Parent counseling and monitoring is important to shaping our children.

“A lot of parents spend more time in the ‘kava nakamals’ rather than to communicate with their children,” he stressed.

“Almost 10 students from the school have been suspended due to alcohol consumption, he conveyed.

“All secondary schools throughout Vanuatu have disciplinary policies in place to deal with consumption of alcohol or drugs among students.

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