Air Vanuatu issues Coronavirus Travel Alert

Air Vanuatu has updated its commercial policy, following new guidelines issued on Saturday by the National Coronavirus Taskforce.

The Taskforce reiterates that Vanuatu currently has no suspected or confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus (2019-CoV).

The National Government has mandated new enhanced surveillance response measures as outlined below:

  • Flight attendants and crew on inbound operating aircraft to Vanuatu are required to report any symptoms or signs of flu, running nose, fever, headache, chest pain, difficulty in breathing prior to landing or on ground at the airport terminal.
  • All passengers of any nationality who have traveled to or otherwise been to any province or city in China since December 2019, must undertake a medical examination and must provide a valid medical certificate that clearly proves they are free from 2019-nCov prior to boarding the aircraft to Vanuatu.
  • All passengers on inbound flights to Vanuatu must complete an Incoming Passenger Health Declaration form that details their:

-Travel history over the preceding 14 days

-Their current health status

-Contact details: phone number, email address, physical address in Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu will distribute Incoming Passenger Health Declaration Forms which must be completed and presented to Customs and Immigration upon arrival in Vanuatu.

Air travelers who do not present a completed Incoming Passenger Health Declaration Form will be refused entry to Vanuatu and will be returned to their port of origin on the next available flight at their own expenses.

“All our front line staff at the airport and our sales outlets are provided with masks, gloves and sanitizers. Situational awareness guidelines have also been made available. We are keeping our employees and travelers updated on the current Novel Coronavirus travel advisory from the Vanuatu Ministry of Health,” says Derek Nice, Air Vanuatu Chief Executive Officer.

Air Vanuatu has also updated a commercial policy available to passengers affected by the Novel Coronavirus travel advisory issued by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health (MoH).

“We understand that a number of our valuable guests will be impacted by the travel restrictions imposed by the Government, therefore, our commercial policy is issued today to assist with rebooking travel itineraries booked on Air Vanuatu to a later date at no additional costs. This commercial policy is effective 01 February 2020 and will be in place until further notice,” says Mr. Rian Hill, Manager Revenue Management, Pricing & Schedules.

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