Air Vanuatu and Azure Pure Water Assist TAFEA Community

Air Vanuatu Chairman, Sam Firi (far left), and staff handing over cartons of water and received by Tanna chiefs in Port Vila.

Air Vanuatu, the current owner of Azure Pure Water, has handed over cartons of water to be shipped to Aniwa to help people in the short term as a long term solution is being worked on to assist the people on the island.

This long term solution is being worked on by the Port Vila TAFEA Committee, following recommendations made by the TAFEA Provincial Secretariat.

Recently, during the TAFEA Day celebrations in Port Vila, a boxing tournament was held to support the people of Aniwa.

Funds raised at the boxing tournament will be going towards the project.

Having heard about the fundraiser, the Chairman of Air Vanuatu, Sam Firi, decided to donate 20 cartons to support the people of Aniwa in the short term.

The handing over was made at Freshwota in Port Vila this week, where it was received on behalf of the people of Aniwa by the chiefs from Tanna, chief Iaris Naunun and chief Jack Mawa.

Mr Naunun encouraged for a long term solution to be found for the people of Aniwa.

He reminded that when the missionary was on Aniwa, he had told the people that there was water underground, which resulted in a well being dug.

But he says these days with technology, seawater can be turned into pure water, which is good for the people of Aniwa.

The island is one of the few in the country that always faces shortage of water during the dry season.

Meanwhile, Chairman Firi when handing over the cartons told the chiefs that Air Vanuatu and Azure Pure Water are happy to make the donation.

He says similar to what the missionary told the people that there is water underground, the bottled water handed over was also harvested through an underground source and purified before being bottled.

The cartons will be handed over to the community of Aniwa.

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