Education Minister Jean Pierre Nirua, ( 6th from left and Agriculture College Principal Peter Napwaat far left)

Education Minister Jean Pierre Nirua, (6th from left) and Agriculture College Principal, Peter Napwatt (far right) flanked by the 10 students now on their way to study agriculture in Israel.

Ten Ni-Vanuatu agriculture students left Port Vila last Sunday morning bound for Israel, where they will spend 12 months doing agricultural studies at Arava International Centre for Agriculture Training.

This is the first time that Vanuatu is sending such a large number of students to study in Israel.

Their training in Israel is sponsored by the Israeli Government under a bilateral agreement between the Republic of Vanuatu and the State of Israel.

On the eve of their departure, the Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Jean Pierre Nirua, told the students how privileged they are to be the first Ni-Vanuatu agricultural students to be selected for the programme, especially in the land of Israel.

“You are most privileged to be the first 10 Ni-Vanuatu students to be selected to study agriculture in Israel, a country with modern advanced technologies in agriculture.

“Study hard and at the same time enjoy your stay in the Holy Land and see as much as you can while you have the opportunity.

“Return to Vanuatu and invest what you learnt back in your country because agriculture is the backbone of Vanuatu’s economy,” minister Nirua told the students as he handed each one their passports, airline tickets and visas into the state of Israel.

Minister Nirua, noted that there are four female students and six male students which he said is a fair gender selection with the province of origin of each student also taken into consideration.

“I am pleased to note that there are four female students and six male students which is fair in terms of gender equity and also representing all six Provinces of Vanuatu,” minister Nirua noted.

The students are; Alexander Hinge, John Bill, Joseph Nilua, Leelyne Veremaito, Marie George, Maylyne Warput, Philip Tarigonle Tjiobang, John Nausien Nasak, Renning John Wesley, and Lily Pierre.

Accompanying the students are the Santo Agriculture College Principal, Peter Napwatt, and Paul Hilliman, from the Vanuatu Scholarships Office.

The field of studies for the students range from Animal Science, Plant Science, to Agribusiness.

Over the next 12 months, the students will spend two days in the classroom and 3 days fully engaged on farms.

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