Agents depart to meet farmers at Trade Fair

Agents attending Brisbane Trade Fair

“We are travelling to Australia to capitalise on Australia’s three-day Trade Fair in Brisbane to connect with Australian farmers to take on our workers from Vanuatu for seasonal employment on their farms”.

The spokesman for the six ni Vanuatu Approved Seasonal Work Agents, Hendon Kalsakau of Ifira Island, spoke to the Daily Post just as they were about to enter the restricted Departure Door at Port Vila International Airport yesterday.

Asked if this is the first time for the agents to attend such an event, the spokesman said as agents this would be the first time though he attended a similar one in Melbourne in June but not as an agent.

“On this trip we are going to try to market our ni Vanuatu agencies because more and more it is becoming competitive between indigenous agents and expatriate agents”, he says.

“We need to demonstrate that after almost 40 years of independence, we ni Vanuatu agents can do it to get our people to work overseas to contribute towards the economic development of our country”.

Asked what message he has for potential workers, the spokesman answered, “Make sure your passport is valid because we are determined to secure seasonal work for you on Australian farms and New Zealand farms to come home with your earnings and contribute towards the economic development of the country.

“Today many workers come home from RSE and SWP with lots of money only to buy those iron box buses for public transport, while what we agents want to see is for the workers we send, to come home and create their own businesses to employ our own people here at home.

“What this means is that our workers do not need to leave their families to travel abroad to work because they can also work for cash here at home. This is our objective”.

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