95 vehicles detained during ‘Operation Sweep 40’

Police at work during Operation Sweep 40. Photo:VPF Media

The  first execution of the Vanuatu Police Force's (VPF) 'Operation Sweep 40' over the weekend has been successful after a total of 95 vehicles were detained after their drivers breached traffic rules.

These included drunk and drive and failure to produce valid vehicle documents upon request.

'Operation Sweep 40' was initiated following concerns regarding public order issues during weekends by Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) who is also Minister for Internal Affairs, Ishmael Kalsakau.

The focus of the operation is to ensure that all individuals and citizens are safe and the Municipal Act and the laws of Vanuatu are complied with, within Port Vila and surrounding peri-urban areas.

Public observations show a trend of youths likely below the age of 18 years old buying alcoholic beverages from shops, and going to nightclubs and bars.

Section 21 of the Liquor Licence Act states that 18 year-olds are prohibited from entering nightclubs, bars and buying liquor.

During the operation, bars and nightclubs have been checked to ensure they have all valid and legal documents to operate as per their operating hours.

Police have also dispersed many young youths during patrol rounds in nightclubs and other areas around town who were caught consuming alcoholic beverages in public places before entering clubs.

Police Media confirmed this operation will be ongoing as Vanuatu approaches the commemoration of its 40th anniversary. Updates on 'Operation Sweep 40' will be made weekly.

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