33 proposed changes to Reserved Occupations List

The Department of Labour is conducting a public consultation on 33 proposed additional changes to the List of Reserved Occupations for ni-Vanuatu.

Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Ishmael Kalsakau has signed the order of the proposed changes and the order came to effect on June 24 2020 after it was published in the official Gazette.

The proposed changes to the list of reserved occupations under the Labour (Work Permits) Act [CAP 187] are: Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Assistant Accountant Manager, Assistant Casino Manager, Assistant Director, Assistant Distiller, Assistant Financial Controller, Assistant General Manager, Assistant Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Auditor, Brick Layer, Carving Designer, Craft-person, Chief Procurement Officer, Financial Controller, Furniture Designer, Heavy Duty Mechanic, Hotel Manager, Human Resource Manager, IT Specialist, Manager, Marketing Manager, Painter, Pastry Chef, Project Manager, Retail Shop Manager, Sales Assistant, Sales Manager, Supervisor and Tour Operator.

Commissioner of Labour Murielle Meltenoven said that her office is already receiving responses from entrepreneurs.

“Under the law, we have six months to consult with employers and the members of public at large throughout Vanuatu,” she said.

She said after the six months’ consultation, equipped with the recommendations of the employers and the public, the department will finalize the changes.

“For now, Vanuatu must have a clear data of student graduates in various fields and the department is working closely with the Education department so that it must be in line with the changes to be done after six months, there is much to be done,” commissioner stated.

General Manager of Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Astrid Boulekone confirmed to Daily Post that her office will work closely with key stakeholders.

“At the moment, we will work on our recommendations on the proposed changes with our key stakeholders and email it to the Department of Labour,” GM Boulekone told Daily Post.

The Department of Labour is inviting all members of the public, including Private Stakeholders, Government Stakeholders, NGOs and members of Tripartite Body to provide their observations, critics and constructive comments on which position they think it should be added in the new reserved occupations list.

All comments can be directed to: labourconsultation@vanuatu.gov.vu

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