A total of 177,433 registered voters will be casting their votes today at polling stations in PENAMA, MALAMPA, SHEFA and TAFEA provinces.

These four provinces represent the bulk of voters in all six provinces of Vanuatu.

The total number of registered voters in all six provinces as at May 11, 2021, according the provisional data provided by the Electoral Office, is 304,499 voters.

In PENAMA Province 33,418 registered voters will be voting today, MALAMPA 40,439 voters are voting, SHEFA 56,433 voters and TAFEA 47,143 registered voters are expected to cast their votes.

According to the data provided by the Electoral Office, all four provinces have had an increase in the number of registered voters since 2017 when the provinces last held their elections.

In 2017 there were 24,989 voters in PENAMA Province, MALAMPA 26,476, SHEFA 38,886 and TAFEA 31,164.

In all four provinces that are going to polls today, the bulk of eligible voters are female at 89,772 female voters and there are 87,661 male voters.

In PENAMA 16,840 are female voters and 16,578 are male.

There are 20,111 female voters in MALAMPA and 20,328 males.

SHEFA Province has 28,039 female voters and 28,394 males.

TAFEA has 24,782 female voters and 22,361 males.

Voting begins in the morning at 7.30 and continues until 4.30pm when unofficial results are expected to be known for most polling stations.

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