7 of the 11 dismissed recruits. Photo: Supplied

A total of 11 new police recruits were sent out from the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) on Wednesday this week, just three days after they marched in.

Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Rafe Taiwia told Daily Post out of the 60 recruits who marched in on Sunday, some of the officers failed to meet the height requirement.

He added a few of the recruits also willingly resigned to participate in seasonal work thus there are currently only 39 police intakes at the Police College.

An amendment of Order No. 180 on 16th of October 2020 stipulates a certain height as one of the main requirements for police intakes.

Any interested female candidate wishing to pursue a career as an officer must meet the required height which is 1 metre and 70 centimetres and male candidates 1 metre and 80 centimetres, in order to qualify for the police position.

Commenting on the dismissal, Chairman Taiwia said the Commission revoked the decision made by the recruiting and screening panel this week.

“All intakes must meet the required height criteria,” he stressed. “They must also be physically fit. They cannot enter the force despite the academic qualifications they acquire if they do not meet the standard height. The amendment must be respected.”

According to Mr. Taiwia, the panel members consists of “civilians”.

Daily Post is informed police officers were also part of the panel.

Meanwhile, a frustrated parent of one of the recruits said they were disappointed to learn from their child that the reason for dismissal was failure to meet the required height.

Daily Post was informed that these recruits were only verbally informed of the decision and there was no official document to notify them of their removal.

The parents questioned why this particular criteria was not singled out by the panel team prior to finalising the list.

Some of the dismissed new intakes had resigned from their work when they were told they were accepted to join the Force.

The parents said while the decision has been made, the decision makers must consider all the expenses they made in order to get into the Force.

One particular recruit said he felt discriminated and humiliated by the decision.

“It was a mockery to me. The decision is unacceptable,” he said.

He said he decided to join the force because he values the role of an officer. He wants to protect his people and see people live in peace and harmony. It was one of the saddest moments in his life, he said.

The victims of this latest PSC decision are giving the Commission until today to have them reinstated.

Daily Post understands that some of the parents affected by this decision are also seeking legal advice.

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