Most Smallest Country on Earth (Hideaway Island, Vanuatu)


Population: Around 227,000 people live in Vanuatu.

Capital: Port Vila

Location: Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is situated 1,750 km east of northern Australia, 500 km northeast of New Caledonia, and west of Fiji.

Economy: The four mainstays of the economy are agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services, and raising cattle. Exports include copra, kava, beef, cocoa, and timber.

Language: Bislama (Pidgin English) is the native tongue, but English and French are widely spoken.

Religion: Approximately 31.4% Presbyterian, 13.4% Anglican, 13.1% Roman Catholic, 10.8% Seventh-Day Adventist, 13.8% other Christian, 5.6% indigenous beliefs, 9.6% other, 1% none.

Climate: The average summer temperature from November to March is 28 degrees and the winter average from April to October is 23 degrees. It can get a bit cool at night during the winter months.

Currency: The local currency unit is the Vatu (VT). You will need to exchange money into Vanuatu currency on arrival. All banks and resorts will exchange for you. Australian dollars are accepted at many places like supermarkets, restaurants and shops but the exchange rate will be poor. Most credit cards are accepted. Banks in Port Vila are open Monday to Friday 8.00am-3.00pm.

Time Zone: Vanuatu is 1 hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time. There is no daylight saving time in Vanuatu.

Driving: If you're thinking of driving yourself in Vanuatu, be careful. Cars travel on the right side of the road (as in the US) but give way to traffic on their right (as in Australia). It can be very confusing (just being a passenger). Local law permits visitors to drive in Vanuatu on an Australian driving license for up to 3 months.

Taxis: Taxi's are everywhere and you will have no trouble finding one at the front door of your resort or anywhere in Port Vila. Buses (small vans seating about 10) are a little bit cheaper, but you may not go directly to where you want.

Flying Times To Vanuatu: Just under 4 hours from Sydney & Melbourne, under 3 hours from Brisbane

Vanuatu is made up of over 80 islands and is renowned for its fantastic underwater world of coral reef formations and colorful tropical fish. It is less than four hours flying time from Australia's east coast. The Vanuatu people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. The quality of the resorts available is the equivalent of resorts anywhere in the Pacific, although there are a limited number that cater well for families. This page contains information on Vanuatu that may be of value to families. There is a list of facts about Vanuatu and some tips for families planning holidays in Vanuatu. The accommodation page contains links to every family friendly resort available in Vanuatu. Each resort is listed with the facilities available especially for children from children's meals to kids clubs, accommodation discounts, children's activities, playgrounds etc. Once you have found a resort you like you can visit the web site for that resort to find more details about rooms, meals, accommodation prices and activities.

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