o Mi Harem Se one DJ is feeling like Nostradamus, first TC Pam then Brexit and now Trump it must kill his boss for being so right... Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se it takes 5 white men to inspect a hole near Tanna Russet this week for a whole day, surely we don’t need expat men on $7000 a month watching a goddamn hole, this is seriously a waste of money... Silip!!

Mi Harem Se two ladies had more than their fair share of fun with four boys on Laman Bay Epi, hope their wives had as much fun at home, who is crying now... Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se one senior executive didn’t have it all his way last week when an unexpected guest became a predator, hope lessons are learnt from this.

o Mi Harem Se the Chinese are moving onward and upward, 123 member staff for the new embassy WOW didn’t realise we were so important or is this a means to get more of them in. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se Government has forgotten about tax they realise that if they collected what was owed then they would have more than enough. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se VAT staff are complaining as they simply don’t have enough people on the ground to collect the revenue and ensure compliance, Ben has complained to the PSC yet they don’t see it as a priority, talk is they need another 50 members to ensure proper collections for the State. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the director of media at a well-known newspaper is licking his wounds after the recent Trump win, he suffered badly at the hands of one of his announcers who was like cool hand Luke and never wavered from the truth. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the EU ambassador was in town making some waves, the mammography type of waves that will save lives when it is housed and utilised properly, well done Shirley, keep up the good work and enjoy your stay.

o Mi Harem Se mystery surrounds the discovery of a yacht on Nikaura, Epi, which was towed back by MV Urata to Vila this week, suspicions arise regarding the safety of the crew and owner, looks like even Vanuatu finally has its own conspiracy theories. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se that Voodoo was full of Au fare ladies on Friday night, hope their husbands knew where they were. Silip!!

o Me Harem Se one senior ProMedical Rescue dude lost 10,000vt to a local DJ on who would win the US election, the money was promptly donated back to ProMedical Rescue by the DJ, now is the time to get a subscription only have 1410 members we need minimum 5,000 so get on down and register now at head office at Freshwota 1 Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the chairs that are being fought over by the banks has moved into the real estate agents, talk about taking a seat. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se a man who slept in the tree was up for an academy award after his strange fitting techniques, Moli was to the rescue and ensured fake or real that he was down safe and sound. Well done ProMedical Rescue... Silip!!

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