• Mi Harem Se the music has long stopped and some chairs have been filled seems more like the chairs need to fit the same as Cinderella’s glass slipper with yet no real satisfaction being borne by the government nor the citizens. Let us hope there will be no more pumpkins and the players put the people first and not themselves. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se many are disappointed that the high offices of Government continue to seek medical attention from countries that continue to try and own us while our very own citizens are forced to a hospital and medical facility that is being used as a political football with at least one of our very own home grown surgeons still being left out of selection to help mend the sick, why is health such a political football?? Why can’t our leaders govern and show maturity and put the nation in front of personal interests and put the citizens first? Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the row is continuing between China and Australia with China letting fly at Australia’s comments during the week. Heh guys we are not your toy and we don’t belong in any of your cot’s so why don’t the pair of you just sod off and leave us in peace… you don’t own us. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se finally after much ado we have ourselves a new roundabout, what with all the harsh criticism regarding the wonderfully designed “Half About” it, like a new volcano forming we have witnessed yet a new phenomenon and guess what it works… nothing like a bit of common-sense and that didn’t cost 150,000vt per day to sort that little puppy out. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se why are our current politicians so hell bent on selling us out to the Chinese? Surely you can see we can’t afford it so why continue and why are you all so hell bent on staying in power and so not interested in growing our economy and helping our nation grow? Surely you were elected to look after all the people not just yourselves, take a look at yourselves and see that you are not taking care of anyone except yourselves… stop and try again put the people first and do it together before we have nothing left. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se even the GRT that has taken away all benefits for PSC employees and replaced them [hopefully] in their next pay are doing so only to lift the wages up so they can be taxed. When is this nonsense going to stop, we simply cannot afford Income tax and corporate tax, we need leadership, not deception filled with smoke and mirrors, we need direction and growth none of the current policies are going even slightly close to it because all that matters is holding onto power in the name of stability. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se RMS have defied the critics and returned with a bang, not so sure about the direction it will take but one can only assume that it will at least be a direction and if it continues like before then it will be more of the same…that’s gotta make you all happy. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se VAN2017 showed how to do it now that Korman has been handed back to whoever it is have resorted to their old shenanigans, already this wonderful first class facility is being overrun with grass and other undesirable activities. Why can we not look after this facility and continue with the pride that we were all so excited about after the VAN2017 was such a huge success, someone step up and make us proud it can’t be that hard surely. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se still no communication from the AVL regarding the runway reconstruction, are we just going to become Gilligan’s island with nowhere to go and no way to get there? Silip!

• Mi Harem Se apathy has struck again and there will be no empathy this time as the law requires that Vehicles must be registered by end of March, with the law changes if you don’t comply then you run the risk of having your vehicle impounded and sold off at auction, don’t say you have not been warned. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the workers are finally starting to realise with the changes to their salaries that they are being lined up by the Government to pay Income Tax what is not realised is this on top of the increased cost of goods and services with the increase in Labour minimum wage and VAT from 12.5% to 15% the “Kitchen cost” will make genuine poverty a very real thing. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se politics still plays a role in keeping out both the TRR and the Northern districts Health Boss from doing what they do best, these professionals need to be reinstated and now effective immediately they are key positions and as they say will the cats away the mice do play. Silip!

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