* Mi Harem Se development is developing though development is standing still that in itself is some sort of a development I guess, that is if you believe in development in the first place. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se things are moving forward slowly but surely with the runway sadly like our tourism industry after many disappointing years of hollow promises and inaction, our definition of acceptable slowness cannot be seen with the naked eye, many have grown frustrated with the seemingly endless delays that no one can explain and much nervousness is creeping into the finance sector with many actors being given verbal notice of what is too come if things don’t change, are we witnessing another Gold Coast? Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se Asian development may be one of our saviours if not our only saviour with impending developments looming that could bring much confidence into the country and plenty of cash, we have witnessed many come and many go but only a select few have been able to make it work, fingers crossed that these new investors are supported to ensure that they can create an environment that all sectors of the economy benefit not just those in high places whom wish to benefit them one no more and frustrate our would be investors until they just leave. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se at a recent session of the Alpha females a decision was made as to who they would recommend for awards, the conversation was passionate and forthright with arguments being made for and against those in the sister hood, when finally it was decided to action their agreements and nominate their candidates they realised when they actually re-read the application document that the deadline had passed Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se many are lamenting their soon to be defunct vehicles and realise that there is zero chance of the rules being relaxed and that their precious possessions are never going to be allowed out after midnight 31st of March, there will be no Cinderella stories here that’s for sure. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se that the new drainage system is taking effect with more and more water being stored at Man Ples with less rain being required to achieve the same result, talk value for money from our consultants Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se it is becoming increasingly clear that people and large companies like to dig up roads the latest case of road rape is at star fish cove where the offenders have dug up a perfectly good piece of road and at the time of going to press had failed to fill the ditch in. Clearly no one with any authority lives out there or I am sure after the first diff transplant they would send someone out to fix it. Why are they being allowed to rip up our roads and not fix them surely a fine and forced repair is in order. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se income tax is looming as is corporate and personal tax, they have achieved this by simply nodding and tsskking and then continuing to do so, we need to watch carefully whom ends up with permanent residency in Australia after it passes, if it does pass that is. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se there is a new collection tactic being employed by agents for the state at the airport whereby the victims are mere tourists and being asked to pay 6,000vt for a holiday fee, then they are told “sorry tumas no gat printer, no gat receipt,” when asked for a receipt in town the response is “no gat idea” who is doing who in this one. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se Minister of Agriculture is enforcing the Act that prevents the slaughter of females, this will have a huge impact in the short term on our local beef market, but after a cattle census was carried out and a drop of over 40,000 animals in the last 15 years, something drastic was called for before we ate our golden goose. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se the local telcos are not concerned about competition anymore, all the crossed lines have taken the jealousy out of contention and put it back onto the consumer, many customers experience both providers in the very one call talk about a new service delivery. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se on Santo the “Fly Box is just that as handy as fly with one customer driven to the point of actually making his fly box truly FLY. And FLY it did and a new level of customer support and complaints was born. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se that with all the holes being dug and roads being closed the residents of Port Vila have become complacent and are closely watching the DP for any Ad positions for road consultants, perhaps we should be looking inside a corn flakes box. Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se Coffee and Controversy was its usual interesting self, except when discussing tourism and the possible long term benefits to Vanuatu’s tourism sector that the movie Tanna would produce , it was interesting to note the stance held by the VTO….oops sorry there was none they didn’t show, Silip!!

* Mi Harem Se the Dobber wishes to pass on condolences to family and friends of Danny Egan, after the sad passing of the original Marlboro Man, his charismatic style will be sorely missed.

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