o Mi Harem Se…much talk was had about the new construction company moving in to sub-contract to CCECC in particular that they were bringing in 80 PNG nationals and HIV was a problem, the Boss went on 96 Buzz FM to put their minds at rest and explained no one will have HIV when they come to Vanuatu and it is only 24 staff from his PNG outfit and the rest of the labour will be sourced here and labourers will be sourced from the areas in which they are working around the island. Talk about creating a fuss about nothing…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se wan former ‘Big Man’ from North Pentecost has been telling all who will listen (apparently a smaller and smaller group these days) that the Vila Rose Hotel in Mel-coffee has been sold to the Chinese, no doubt with a view to the rumour spoiling its business. The owners just want to point out that 1. It hasn’t. 2. It won’t be. And 3. He won’t. … Silip!

o Mi Harem Se… Commercial vehicle owners are worried that nothing’s changed up at the Public Works roadworthiness inspection site. One rental agency owner was told to wait to be informed when the service would be available. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Why would they NOT be open for inspections? Commercial vehicle operators don’t have the three month grace period from January to March. They’ve got to be up to date and ready to roll on January 1. Are we really going put everyone through another roadworthiness fiasco? Silip!

o Mi Harem Se…the last of the jailed politicians was released yesterday at around 9am when former PM Moana Carcasses was released on bail after serving 2 years of a 4 years sentence, and so yet another chapter closes… Silip!

o Mi Harem Se…the Port Vila Rodeo was a huge success with literally thousands of happy spectators enjoying the massive 2-day event. The riders were good the stock was good the organising was good in fact everything was good and those that didn’t attend tuned into 96 Buzz FM and heard all the action. To top it off the committee is giving the guys from Pro Medic Rescue approx.; Vt500,000 well done and way to go. Next year is the first weekend in October so put it in your calendar with a big YEE HAA we will see ya there all you cow boys and girls October 5-7 2018…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se… finally and without fanfare the road over the top from freshwater 4-5 to Beverly Hills is tar sealed. What a top job they have done and how much quicker it is to cross over the top and down to USP-Korman area. Well done lads, well done…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se… the race is on to complete the Korman Stadium for hand over on the 1st of November. Place is really looking nice and perhaps with a small rain before too long will green up and be as nice around it as the new field is in the centre of it. Smart Lads, very smart…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se… the old blame game is on again this time the Government blaming CCECC for not being ready in time, when it would appear they are only 10% of the problem and the rest lies with AVL and the Government. Fellas it’s pretty simple really you can’t listen to a radio if you don’t turn it on, nor can you start mobilizing when you don’t have any possession to mobilise too, so let’s stop and think and fix. Remember the 5 P’s Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se…there would appear to be a group of mindless idiots who thinks it funny to destroy our newest and best landmark being the new sea front. What planet are you idiots on that you think it’s ok to destroy deface and defame what is ours the peoples of Vanuatu, we don’t go into your home and pee on the floor or pull your fence down or short sheet your bed so stop being idiots and grow up and look after and protect what is ours, it belongs to us the people of VANUATU so STOP BEING IDIOTS… Silip!

o Mi Harem Se…it appears that all is not well on the hill across from DP with most communications to neighbours being done through lawyers, a hot bed of bitterness and malcontempt it’s going to be a long long 2 years until this is constructed if it ever is constructed. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se… a certain new port of call deal near Efate may not be as it seems with some documents suggesting seeing should not necessarily be believing, seems that some papers are not up to date, how convenient when you hear who the local players are…Silip!

o Mi Harem Se…the Port Vila Rodeo club President and his committee wish to thank every member of the community for their support over the 2 days last weekend and for making the event such a huge success and giving them the strength to do it all again next year and this time they will have the skin blu fowl… Silip!

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