• Mi Harem Se VAN2017 is into its 100-day countdown, big celebration in the Capital yesterday with much horn blowing and yahooing from the procession as they drove all around town spreading the news. From all accounts, volunteers have come forward and the team is genuinely excited with the jobs that are in front of them. Looks like November and December will rock. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se that Nasi has a double, yes reports are streaming in from around the country that Nasi has a twin as the Dobber received confirmed sightings of the Double on Pentecost. It is starting to become apparent that he is NOT a flightless bird. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se persistent rumours that Em Pawa is involved with Nasi, however now we have 2 Nasis it is unclear where her preferences lies. I guess we have 100 days to find out, talk about Nasi Gate. Lolz. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se there were many relieved citizens when CCECC announced that it will send the vessel laden with aggregate back to sea, apparently bound for Africa, like they don’t have aggregate. Biggest laugh was when they announced that they choose aggregate as ballast over water, seriously, how do you get the aggregate back on the vessel after you have discharged? Talk about fairyland. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the Vanuatu Shipping Registry is in trouble again with Gov’t wanting to take control, the vultures are circling and it would appear that the horse has bolted, what revenue stream that once prevailed looks set to sail off into the sunset never to return, no romance there. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se who would of thought that we too have a white house, only it’s not the same as the one the president of the USA lives in, with the revelations this week that the Prime Ministers Official Residency [which he has not used] has been occupied by some that would never be eligible for a business licence. From all accounts, much fun has been had by all, simply a sad state of affairs no matter how you look at it. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se after a spate of serious accidents it would appear that the MOIA has decided to do something about it, breathalysers are a step in the right direction as long as we get the enforcement to support it, some would say the guys operating them will be able to test them on themselves, at least we will know they work. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se ID cards and busting up the gangs, finally someone has realised we need to get some law and order in place before its too late, certainly we are on the brink of bigger problems if action is not taken now. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se September is nearly upon us meaning Promed kick into full speed no brake fund raising, the annual games and dinner and auction are just some of the ways that they will raise funds to keep the operation going. Please everyone remember this is a non-profit organisation that is a necessity to our way of life so please get behind them and at the very least get membership because every little bit counts. Oh yeah and watch out for Red she will be set loose on the 1st of September. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se when people will learn that no matter what you think social media is not the place for personal vendettas, seriously think before you type, sometimes what is written can damage people in more ways than you would think conceivable. So take a few minutes loose the emotion and stick to facts. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se Santo has a nice 360 metre wharf, talk is no one wants to do tours there and only 13 ships scheduled for next year, why does Vila monopolise Luganville? Surely they should have their own Tour desk that wants and likes to promote Santo for what it is, natural and picturesque, unique and natural. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se VTO is still continuing its blatant attacks on private operators by blocking first the Evergreen resort and tours and now TOA the Tourism Owners Association has been blocked by the VTO from attending Tok Tok, why do people that have no personal stake nor investment in any business in the sector get off stopping those that are here as genuine investors be the indigenous or expat alike? Silip!

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