o Mi Harem Se road tax is still exacerbating many and PWD are trying their best yet there seems to be no real end in sight with cars, buses, trucks and any other vehicle still creating an endless line.

o Mi Harem Se one seasoned international journo was having a quiet drink with a certain alpha female and they both learned people concurred that surely it was custom that we just pay our rego and drive the motor vehicle till it dropped, or at least until there was only a steering wheel and brakes left rendering it unusable not unsafe, surely the old way was the best way. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se Year 13 D students in a Santo Junior Secondary School, have been told by their Deputy Principal that they would not be registrants for final year exams. Even though the school demanded the examination fees upfront, students have reportedly been leaving the school campus and transferring to other schools due to this statement.

o Me Harem Se a certain alpha female is pushing hard for fair representation for women by creating reserved seats for women, it was interesting to see the amount of alpha females who commented against it, yet the men were smart enough to stap quiet. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the roads are starting to come to a climax with works being going full speed no brake all week, sometimes people are using a full tank of gas just to circumnavigate the city to only end up in the park. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se RMS finally got it sorted and pushed on with their drainage program, must say they have certainly tidied it up and quickly, good job finally Chaps we say. Here, Here! Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the medical fraternity of Port Vila has been rocked this week, only time will tell if the windows cracked. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the provincial elections proved that the process was smooth yet the salt wata i rough, the political horizon looks very fractured for 2020. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se a senior executive in town kept us amused last week with a trip of support to show solidarity with the guys from Promedic, seems like he prefers his car. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se CCECC have finally made a start on the now infamous 14 story building opposite the DP, finally positive action, looks like they can talk the talk AND walk the walk. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se two Italians came to town looking for adventure first they tried the tourism sector then they went roads after failing in both it appears they took aviation and never to be seen again. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se pretty soon the area from VFF to Hibiscus will be hotels all the way making it the new centre of town would seem Tana Russet has gotten it right. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the Govt and AVL have gone quiet on the runway and the tourist sector has gone quiet on the banks, seems like everyone has given up, except Air Van who made 900VT million into the black thank GOD for the seasonal workers program. Silip!!

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