• Mi Harem Se the mats and pigs must have worked as the Government has ramped up its propaganda on the need for an income tax and been emailing all PS and soon to be effected Ni-Vanuatu, trying to assure them that additional taxes won’t have a direct impact on their incomes and daily lives. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se a wise man once said “seeing is believing, if you repeat something enough and write about it a lot and distribute the rhetoric enough after a while it becomes a “FACT” not a LIE”, the purported benefits of an income, personal and corporate tax are not a FACT, they are someone’s beliefs being wrongfully purported as a FACT and that is not a LIE. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the masses are not impressed with the latest Tax Brochure with many expressing disbelief that there is no benefit to them with no reduction in tax and just new ones being added to burden them with promises of better service delivery with the new found wealth, that even a 2 year old could tell you was nothing more than a dream. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the Hammer is coming down on lots of people and businesses, one of the Big Banks is seriously cleaning House and from the outside looking in simply doesn’t care. Seems like those in the corporate sector may have to apply for a passport in Glenville as we will most certainly become known if things continue down this slippery slope, where is my PA…Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the Chinese are coming and in a big way with plans to open not 1 but 3 banks here in Vanuatu, all with offices and sleeping facilities for their clients and they will be dealing in the Yuan Renminbi, looks like it’s time to dust up on our mandarin and Cantonese. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se it is “QUITE SIMPLY NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S FAULT” that the runway extension and rebuild is not happening, it would appear that the World Bank quite simply just want “THEIR PREFERRED CONTRACTOR” even though they allegedly wanted transparency when it all came down to it starting to look like they will have transparency along with some pretty nasty media attention thrown into the mix and from the tok tok it seems like they won’t come up smelling of ROSES. The Dobber is sure the last fiasco that very nearly broke the tourism sector will be revealed warts and all. Where’s the bloody Chinese when you need them ☺. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the Under 20s national side has just come into camp with their new coach, apparently there was some, not so funny things with the previous coaching fraternity and OFC had to step in and ensure that the lads get prepared in the best possible way to continue their amazing journey to the world cup, we all wish them the best of luck and we are all behind you. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se no one can explain why, when we have the single biggest Dengue outbreak in Vanuatu, no Government Authorities are initiating Fogging? This outbreak is serious and with four strains of dengue being identified is quite simply debilitating to the general population. Surely this is a significant enough problem that would require for us to ask our donor friends for some assistance or are people dying mysteriously simply not serious enough? Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the roads are still a bloody mess, action seems to be not happening; perhaps we need a super hero to take the ”road by the gravel” and give us all a smoother ride. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se lots of buses are making their last hoorah as they cruise around until 31st march where they will be forcibly pensioned off, I wonder will they all go to the same place as the pens and lighters which mysteriously disappear without fail and never seem to return, we could be so lucky. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se Santo is blooming with added tourist traffic, slowly but surely the guys grow with the growth and never a complaint, even so that when the plane lands in Pekoa quite often passengers alighting at Vila just simply get off at Santo, none the wiser, seems to be more popular and less political maybe or just has no white house...hmmm Silip!

• Mi Harem Se if the two major local Telcos were male and female and the last in the world we would never be able to create offspring, the compatibility between the networks is on a level not experienced since the old one line party lines in Australia, one is never sure who he or she is talking too when their paths cross and sometimes talking is to absolutely no-one. Talk about thin airtime. One can only hope that in this Christian country of ours we can pray that they someday come together and give us what we want, service that is acceptable… or is that just wishful air time. Silip!

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