o Me Harem Se a big Viking send off for a Big Viking man, Cpt Claes left us during the week and many didn’t realise until now what a legacy Cpt Claes has left Vanuatu.

Mainly the P and O Cruises and ensuring that Ni-Vanuatu were given a chance to be part of crew providing much needed employment for many. When he ran for parliament his slogan, Vote 1 Cpt Claes “Me steal smol no more” once again proving honesty is the best policy. Cpt Claes you will be sorely missed and our condolences at this sad time to your family and friends. Silip!!

o Me Harem Se that now elected leaders are considering a military base, I wonder which country will get the role…Silip!!

o Me Harem Se that debate is raging in the hallowed halls of power amongst government MPs that the real reason the country is in need of a new tax policy is the fact that most of our Asian friends simply don’t and won’t pay indirect tax to the government they sooner pay direct tax to whom I wonder. Silip!!

o Me Harem Se that talk from the Leader of Opposition to ask Australia if they would be interested in a Detention Centre in Vanuatu is growing legs, dialogue has been taken to a higher level and submissions have been made. Talk about taking the bull by the horns or the sail by the sword…Silip!!

o Me Harem Se klosap Vanuatu will follow its neighbours pull out of PACER-Plus, looks like our powers that be have finally listened to those who are…silip!!

o Me Harem Se the worry is over for the Mini Games, regardless of whether they complete on time at least we will have a stadium and other things to play with for awhile, at least until they fall down again…Silip!!

o Me Harem Se the Gala Ball was a huge success for ProMed on Friday night, all were impressed as always with the Gala event, lots of happy people and lots of money for a great charity. Well done Red and the Fund Raising team of Promed…Silip!!

o Me Harem Se it’s just a matter of time before a new oil will take over from coconut oil as a major exporter. All contracts are signed so watch this space to hear it first on Me Harem Se…Silip!!

o Me Harem Se neighbour blo yumi Fiji is experiencing what we did with a buggered up runway causing all sorts of delays, they too seem to tell a spin on the truth with eye witnesses saying the runway just cracked up under the 737 that landed, officially of course the tar didn’t dry on time…Silip!!

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