o Mi Harem Se a certain Govt PA who owns a company contracted by a certain financial organisation to create the position of a certain Vanuatu Govt appointed “Trade Commissioner” to Fiji whose Boss denies any knowledge of same, which by the way the financial organisation is conveniently trying to establish its roots in Vanuatu, are they trying to dupe the Govt into giving credibility to their scheme?? Vt6.5 million Seems a lot of vatus to facilitate something if on the up and up should have been done through the “Normal Channels” or are we just another Cob and Co in the Wild West and trying to grease the wheels… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the Foreign Affairs VIP arm division normally can be bought with some fuel money as we saw with the German Ambassador’s recent visit, not so with the recent visit by the Austrian Ambassador was left high and dry after just 1 day. Talk about respect for a country that is a major contributor through the EU of some 20 million Euros per year…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se DP is at it again, this time with Mosquito gate, what started out with a simple text concerning the pesky mozzie soon went viral on the internal social media leading to all sorts of wondrous and strange forms of hocus pocus, resulting in a cool head being shown and Ezzy kill was called, all returned to normal the next day talk about getting a BUZZ. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se a local identity was flying from the north to the south with a load of Fridgo to be shipped, when he boarded he was told that his cargo was being off loaded, when an inspection was made he discovered that his cargo which was being paid full rate was being off loaded to allow Air Vanuatu staff cargo in its stead. Being affected badly the customer was last seen throwing his fish in the general direction of the side of the tarmac, looks like Air Van still has that same mentality that will keep it from being anything else then what it is … a basket case…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se with VAN2017 close up one can only ask why the road to Korman is more badder then Leroy brown yep they is the baddest darn roads in all villa town. What the …. Seriously guys you are making us all so bloody proud I can feel the tears running down my cheeks, as my knees crack my nose when I fall into those holes. Come on guys someone out there can surely do it right… remember leaders all we need is one… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se our very own PM has met with the Pontiff on his climate change meetings flying VIP all the way. Must of rubbed off on his Eminence who went straight out and took delivery of a brand new Lamborghini but was allegedly heard murmuring that for it to be a true Pope mobile it should have been a convertible… for real what do you expect for 35,800,000 million Vatu…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se VFSC must of caught the same flu as the VAT office, seems it is getting harder and harder to simply register a local company, no one sure what compliance issues the legal department has to do with such a simple process, maybe just maybe they are too busy across at VAN2017… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se with the games upon us it seems not all the accommodation near the games centre is full, so for a easy trip to and from go to the Beach Volley Ball courts and turn right, you will be in for a treat even its just to eat…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se our friends from Aquana are going to be very busy babysitting for the next 2 weeks with the place booked out for a private function. I wonder what the green vacuum cleaners are going to do when they sweep up the kids this time… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se when are we all going to do our bit and keep the place clean? How hard is it to just pick up the rubbish and place it in a bag or a bin? Please guys give a damn and lets make our home beautiful again…. Bon weekend from the dobber… Silip!!

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