o Mi Harem Se one minister who was part of a delegation to Santo to visit the evacuees decided to enjoy one too many tuskers and as a result decided to visit a local expat establishment and demanded that they make for him a donation when he was told to return when he was sober he told the owner to f off back to his country amongst many other expletives. Nice work minister showing a lot of maturity there… your behaviour makes us all proud to be in Vanuatu. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the VNN host is kicking more goals then Richmond did in the AFL grand final, her latest bug bear is “White Spot” in prawns and what pacer plus is not doing for Vanuatu, what with so many front page breaking news stories under her belt, be warned she will be heard. Well done and go girl great work for making the people of Vanuatu aware of what’s happening good and bad. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se some banks obviously don’t care with news of a taxi being repossessed on Friday after failure to make 2 payments in 2015, however, not a payment has been missed since. Seems to me that someone doesn’t appreciate a good client when they see one particularly when they are getting 16% Per Annum and penalty rates for the arrears and only 500k to pay, they do earn their name don’t they… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se finally the PRO managed to move into their new offices, somewhat belatedly due to some financial miss calculations that left UNELCO unpaid for quite some time, gives a lot of confidence to have such great fiscal management leading and demanding that the private sector contribute more to their coffers for such excellent financial spending. Does anyone know how they can spend so much on nothing and give nothing back to something, is stability really worth the cost of such inefficiency? Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se the BUZZ team is so excited to attend the Rodeo today that to a man they have volunteered their services and even rostered who is going to sit in the studio if GOD forbid the line crashes and needs to be rebooted. What a weekend we are in for with the experienced team electing to bring to you the 2 day event live and unfettered. Way to go guys so tune into 96 Buzz FM for all the action today and tomorrow. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se that there is a saying that sometimes you have been weighed and measured and found wanting… the NDMO has been weighed and measured and has been found wanting, the truth is they are pathetic their response is selfish and disorganised and their timing is so off it is hurting the real people of Vanuatu. Take a leaf out of the evacuees’ book and stop being demi gods you are to serve not be served.Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se many political points are trying to be scored with the current state of emergency, does nobody listen, the state of emergency needs to be extended to cover the evacuees or else the NDMO have zero power and the RED tape becomes a constant, someone please sort this mess out and sort it out now. Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se when asked why the cement was not being made during the night a source stated that RMS were perhaps busy tumas lo day, please why can’t we just do what’s right for the capital and enforce them to work opposite hours to daily working people and allow us to conduct our business unfettered and they can do so at night, whatever and whoever is to blame someone grow a set and sort this BS out now …Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se Port Vila Rodeo club is hosting its 2nd annual event consecutively today starting at 10am and again tomorrow from 10am with a HOE DOWN at Reefers Bar and grill starting at 6.00PM with 10% going to support the Rodeo Club in hosting with any profits being presented to Pro Medical rescue who are their nominated charity this year. So take the family down and enjoy a great day out with lots of food and drinks and some great entertainment and live coverage on 96 Buzz FM so come along and have a fat time at Port Vila Rodeo today and tomorrow at Beverly Hills on David Russet’s ranch just on the Mon Marte road see you there… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se with the decision of the council of ministers last week the tax debate is raging again as is the talk of a no confidence motion, perhaps the PM should allow a secret ballot as a compromise so some genuine and non-corrupt decisions can be made to better serve the people rather than those of a few who are being swayed by others who do not and never have contributed a single thing to this beautiful country. Silip!!

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