o Mi Harem Se it’s another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody I’m in an awful mess, words just words but meaningful when the transparency is visualised and we realise that the cause of our woes and why we can all sleep on Saturday nights is NOT RMS having a poor work ethic but a religious cult/sect located out near switi that put the stoppers on Brunei from mixing cement through our long nights which forced RMS to work during days… why would we listen to people that have been exposed by foreign media for what they are and allow them to contribute to the countries financial burdens not to mention frustrate an entire capital city’s driving fraternity through their own selfishness?? Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se RMS are blameless in the road construction fiasco it would appear that the design crew Roughtons are to blame using inadequate equipments and designs that when first time and second time were designed allegedly for green space with no account for existing buildings and plain ineptitude it would appear with employment of non-qualified personnel to carry out the tasks leaving the good citizens of Port Vila with a debacle that is still unfolding and with a direct cost to Roughtons to date of in excess of 24 million USD [2.4 billion vatu] our road has shrunk to 8 kilometres and is set to shrink again due to fat bureaucrats who have the snout in the trough and little or no interest in what is right and just for the citizens of Port Vila let alone the exorbitant cost to the citizens of Vanuatu. Talk about milking the system and our elite thought they were good… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se VAN2017 got off to a good start on Monday with sensational fireworks and huge crowd braving the rain and even a clever was engaged to ensure that the rain was not going to spoil the opening, the Legend Arthur Knight dished it up to his critics and his performance was a sensation and has set the tone for an extraordinary 2 weeks of action and drama well done VAN2017 raising the bar yet again…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se road closures are causing tempers to flare in particular with the roads closing Monday night and traffic being diverted around club hippique, seems like a grader could have been used to soften that little puppy, I am sure most police officers and municipal wardens have never been sworn at so much in the one shift of work…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se VAN2017 was called upon to remedy a small issue with some royalty turning up for the games apparently the young princess was trying to fly under the radar, her minders were not happy with her lodgings and after a quick call to Head Quarters the problem was swiftly resolved, well done Guys, I guess if you had of known a tad earlier would have been easier…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se massive three car collision allegedly involving a car from ministry of health a bus and a ute at Teouma bridge resulted in the single most kept quiet accident in Vanuatu history, some are saying it was an internal audit being done by Ministry of Health to test response time and hospital services, the Dobber only hopes no-one was seriously hurt…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se Ifira stevedoring must be rubbing their collective hands together with the seamless operation of the second wharf, as happy as a cat with 2 tails one would say except these guys have 2 wharves and what a difference it has made for shipping and what a site to see both working away together with no delays…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se potatoes are in short supply as the major importer was told plenty potato from Tanna and surrounds, sadly we are not quite up to providing for our domestic consumption, let’s hope next year we get it right and when the games are on and they are really being pushed for produce in the capital, couldn’t ask for better timing if you were at Korman…Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se there was a hush in the court room when Opposition leader and former AG was called to the witness stand to testify in the DPM case, the testimony was long and concise according to reports the only difference between the court and the parliament there is no parliamentary privileges in a court room… Silip!!

o Mi Harem Se with only one more session to go in parliament for 2017 then Santa comes, many are wondering if the rumours will be justified or mummified… we have tax we have musical chairs we have the potential for a political opus… Silip!!

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