New Parliament, new government on Monday

Leadership and direction

The newly elected 52 winning candidates, will take oaths at 8.30am on Monday next week, 20th April 2020, before electing the new Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the 12th Legislature, then proceed to elect the new Prime Minister for the Republic of Vanuatu.

The 12th Legislature will convene at 8.30am, for the elections of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker then proceed to elect the new Prime Minister.

According to the procedures, the Prime Minister will in turn, named and appoint the new state ministers who will form the new executive and the council of ministers for the Republic of Vanuatu.

Usually, the appointment of the state ministers by the newly elected Prime Minister, is made at the Pig’s Task hall outside the parliamentary chambers. Then the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu is expected to convey his first remarks to the people of the Republic of Vanuatu witnessed by the members of the diplomatic corps.

The daily Post understands that because of the coronavirus issue, there will be a tight security control during the first sitting of the 12th Legislature on Monday morning of next week.

The proceedings will be broadcasted and televised live.

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