Workers’ Contribution to Nation Acknowledged

Today, May 1 2020 is Labour Day. Labour Commissioner Meltenoven, on behalf of the government has commended the contributions of the workers to the country’s development. Photo: Supplied

Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven, has commended workers in Vanuatu and abroad for their contributions to the development of the country.

“No activity will be taking place to commemorate Labour Day today (May 1, 2020) but this does not mean that the government does not recognized the contributions of workers nationwide,” she said.

She explained that a formal activity could not be organised because of the current COVID-19 emergency situation and also a public event could mean breaching government’s measure of limiting mass gathering.

Commissioner Meltenoven said the Department of Labour (DoL) is working hard with stakeholders to ensure that all workers who lost their jobs to COVID-19 crisis benefited from the stimulus package and the welfare of seasonal workers oversea remains a main priority.

“Our country would not have developed that far without the tremendous efforts of all Vanuatu workers, business houses, employers, the Tripartite Labour Advisory Committee Board Members and government as a whole,” she said.

“This year’s 40th independence anniversary will reflect the resilience of Vanuatu’s workforce in responding to disasters, including the COVID-19 crisis.

“It’s a really challenging time, but we should be thankful to our workers for their commitment and effort in delivering service and contributing to the development of our country.

“To all employers, thank you for supporting Vanuatu government by providing employment to Ni-Vanuatu citizens. I encourage everyone to continue collaborating with government stakeholders and NGOs to address the impacts of COVID-19 affecting our labour markets.

“Please continue to practice good hygiene at work places and make sure you address the welfare of your employees during this critical time.

“To the government, thank you for being able to provide the employment stimulus package to support workers laid off as a result of COVID-19 crisis, with Vt30,000 per month to support families.

“As we celebrate our shared commitment to supporting fair, safe, decent work and productive work places for all in this critical time, I wish all Ni-Vanuatu workers in Vanuatu, seasonal workers abroad, employers, government stakeholders and citizens a safe and happy Labour Day.

“Long Live Vanuatu, long live Vanuatu’s workforce.”

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