Risk of foreign yacht spreading coronavirus very low: PM

According to the Health Advisory Team,the risk of coronavirus spreading from the two people on the yacht that went to Tanna is very low, said the PM

The risk of coronavirus spreading from the occupants of the foreign yacht to locals on Tanna is very low, said Prime Minister (PM), Bob Loughman.

“The report revealed that the yacht traveled more than three weeks from Tahiti to reach Vanuatu. According to the Health Technical Advisory Team, symptoms of COVID-19 appears between 5 to 6 days after exposure,” he said yesterday afternoon.

“This means that the risk of the two people on the yacht spreading COVID-19 is very low.

“The report has also indicated that the four people who got into contact with the yacht were more than 1 to 2 meters away, for less than 15 minutes.

“This does not meet the definition of close contact set by the World Health Organization (15 or more minutes within 2 meters).

“Following the findings of the report and negative test results from everyone in quarantine, I as the PM I’m happy to say that they can be released and the temporary travel restrictions issued for Tanna is now lifted.”

People can now travel from north Tanna to Lenakel and other parts of Tanna and vice versa, including traveling out to other islands, he said.

PM Loughman encouraged everyone on Tanna to welcome the individuals who have been quarantined back into the society and to continue to follow health and safety advices.

He commended all frontline workers in Port Vila and Tanna for protecting the country and saving lives against COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor and take care of the COVID-19 patient in isolation and will ensure to apply all measures to contain the virus, he assured.

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