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The ongoing, sustainable management of the Pacific’s offshore fisheries is the focus of a new NZD$18 million Arrangement signed between the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (M…

The 19 Members of Parliament (MPs) on the Government side who are subject to the ruling of Justice Oliver Saksak, will be filing a Civil Case through their legal counsel today.

Luganville Municipal Councillor, Elizabeth Payat Tura, from the East Ward is a confident leader who has a vision to develop the area of Chapuis despite many hurdles.

This year’s SHEFA Day in Port Vila saw a massive turnout never seen before, probably in the provincial celebration history just like the hardworking organising committee had promised.

Vanuatu Sports

As every year the National Olympic Committee of Vanuatu organizes the Olympic day. This year is therefore no exception as it will be held on Saturday, June 26 at Independence Park in Port Vila…

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