Now is the time for Ni-Vanuatu young people to take up the challenge to move to become an official for karate, says an international karate technical official.

Ian Jonathan Basckin, from Australia, was appointed as the Technical Delegate Karate for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games by Oceania Karate Federation.

During his visit to Port Vila, Mr Basckin was delighted to meet and make new friends in karate, where he was able to share his eight years of experience in the sport.

He said while he is not participating at all, he is involved in it as a passion.

“We have 15 Sport Specific Volunteers in karate for the Mini Games, and I want to teach them — not use them, but teach them — to become Vanuatu officials in the future,” he said.

“I want them to come and sit with me and Jack Manuel, the Sport Competition Manager Karate, and learn something, so that when we leave on December 10, 2017, these people can run tournaments.

“Let that benefit extend after the Games! I want to leave a bit of legacy. For me, the worst frustration would be, come December 31, all is forgotten, all for nothing!”

As a parent, Mr Basckin said he could not stand and watch one of his sons, who is now 20 years old, competing in karate tournaments, so he started marshalling people. From there, he got involved in regional championships as self-funded Technical Official or Team Manager, through Karate Federations from Australia, New Caledonia and Oceania.

The TD Karate said he is confident this Mini Games can be used as a catalyst for change in Vanuatu karate development, and encouraged Ni Vanuatu to grab this opportunity to be part of this historic sporting event as a volunteer on whatever job they do, to improve the national level of karate.

“I would rather get more officials upgraded in Vanuatu than worry about coaches and athletes. Because if we can get the officials right and referees, then at least we can have a tournament.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the best coach to produce the athletes, if nobody can judge them, if nobody can run the tournament, then the argument about who is the best stays in the bar,” he said.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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