Laminu Stadium

Laminu Stadium grandstand being given new permanent structure.

The grandstand at Laminu Stadium on Tanna is getting a new permanent facelift, thanks to Loli Construction and another construction company from Tanna.

This new face and much tougher structure to withstand cyclones is being given to the grandstand after it was destroyed by cyclone Pam.

It is not the first time for the grandstand to be repaired as it was undergone several reconstructions since it was built in 1986.

The grandstand along with the stadium were first built 31 years ago to host what was known then as the Inter-District Games.

Tanna was hosting on behalf of Tafea Province the third Inter-District Games after the first Inter-District Games was hosted by Port Vila in 1982 and second was hosted by Luganville in 1984.

The name of this event was eventually changed to Provincial Games as Vanuatu evolved from four districts (Southern District, Central District 1, Central District 2, Northern District) to provinces (Tafea Province, Shefa Province, Malampa Province, Penama Province, Sanma Province, Torba Province) before the name was changed to National Games.

The grandstand saw the wrath of cyclone Uma in 1987.

When it was first built, the grandstand was just made of steel pipes cemented to the soil, timber and corrugated iron roofing.

Cyclone after cyclone the structure was changed to withstand the next cyclone.

It did not happen as sometimes the roof is found the next day after the cyclone across the creek from the stadium.

But with the new look the grandstand is currently going through, there is hope that it may withstand the next cyclone because of the huge steel frames being installed.

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