Visiting Archery Technical

Delegate, Alison Hagaman

Archery Technical Delegate, Alison Hagaman from Australia, is representing World Oceania Archery to inspect and assess the Archery Venue in Vanuatu, as the country prepares for the Pacific Mini Games in December.

“I was appointed to give advice on the Tournament field and what equipment is needed for the Games, but also to run Judges and Officials workshops in Vanuatu as per Oceania Archery request,”Mrs. Hagaman stated.

“This is in order to improve and increase the knowledge of Archery and what is required for the Management to run the Tournament so that at the December event they have a better understanding of what is required in the game.”

She added that Oceania Archery have appointed officials coming from overseas, a judge from Fiji, a continental judge who is qualified to judge within the region of Oceania Federation, and 3 judges from Australia.

Archery, known in Vanuatu as Bow and Arrow, is a one on one or Team where an Archer will shoot 72 arrows, in 6 arrow lots which will get them an overall score of 720 points, from which they will be ranked. So the Archer who shoots the highest number of points will be the number 1 ranker. Each ring in the Target has different values. The world record is now at 709 points.

“The Archery Venue will be quite good, but obviously need some work to be done. There is no need to have a fantastic venue surface of archery, but it needs to have a flat surface and of course, needs to have a safety zone in place so that we don’t accidently shoot into the public.”

Mrs Hagaman arrived in Port Vila on Tuesday, 12th of July and spent this week inspecting Archery sites, provide recommendations and part of her visit in the country included Courses for Ni Vanuatu archers who will officiate the competition during the Games. She will be leaving Port Vila this weekend.

As for Team Vanuatu in archery, 14 boys and girls are currently in China for six months of intensive training, where final selection for 6 best archers will be made in October 2017.

According to Axel Garalopeau , who is the 2017 sports competition manager of Archery in Vanuatu, archery is becoming popular with an increasing number of interested archers participating as a hobby.

Mr Axel added that in preparations towards the Games, daily training is underway in Port Vila, but there are plans to participate in a regional competition in New Caledonia in October 2017.

He pointed out the Pacific Mini Games would be crucial to Vanuatu Archery Team as it would be a lead up preparations towards the International Archery competition in Argentina in 2018.

It is the eighth visit from Technical Delegates in the country since the month of March.

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