Female sports journalists, and sports media communication officers in the capital have partcipated in the Women in News and Sports (WINS) workshop.

The WINS’ training was intended to gear up for the Pacific Mini Games. It is a mentoring program for Asia-Pacific under Australia’s ABC International Development program. Leader Trainer for WINS, Joanna Lester conducted the WINS workshop.

The workshop commenced with group discussion activity focusing on landscapes of culture challenges, women in journalism, sports, and gender effects generally developed its way from the past and today. Each group responded with challenges and solutions. The initial activity got the participants talking and getting to know each other, and allowing individual participants to form into groups to respond to existing challenges and identifying possible solutions.

A panel discussion on “Status of Women in Sports today” took place soon after. Participants also learnt the format, the set-up, how the activity was conducted and being a form of media communication to target specific groups of importance to a topic, which then led to questions, answers and how effective of enhancing the future of the specific topic. Buzz FM 96’s Kizzy Kalsakau being the host, with panelists MAV president Evelyn Toa, Melissa Fare-Cricket, and Table Tennis’ Anolyn Lulu. Participants acknowledged the presence of Australian High Commissioner to Vanuatu HE Jenny Da Rin who was part of the audience.

Participants were involved themselves in the science of storytelling, the importance of social media for each participant’s organization, photography and video skills and multiplatform writing and content-much enjoyed. Photo galleries were formed.

Discussions on secrets of successful interviews and on different formats of interviews, and how to approach various interview scenarios were taught. Sessions of practical interviews took place towards the end of the workshop with Oceania Sports Educators Program (OSEP) Development Coach Workshop at the National Tennis Center, Centreville School with Para Sports athletes’ training, Beach Volleyball with kids and Coaches, and Home-coming National Senior Cricket Team arrival from South Africa. Different forms of media and communications skills were used.

Vanuatu Football Federation’s Rorona Kalsakau told Daily Sports, “I am so privileged to have attended the WINS workshop. Skills included all forms of media and communication reporting. These elements have enhanced my knowledge to further accommodate and implement after the conclusion of the workshop. A young journalist Janita Masai added, “I’ve definitely captured new skills taught so far, how to present an informative interview, video Live streaming, and how fast and efficient these skills are. Sports can also take women to another level in life”.

WINS Trainer Lester told Daily Sports that, “I was really encouraged by the skills and enthusiasm of the participants in the WINS Vanuatu workshop. Many were already working in one particular discipline of journalism (print, radio or television) and it was exciting to see them embrace other platforms and produce their own videos, photo galleries and social media stories. For those who work in media roles within sport but hadn’t had any formal journalism training before this workshop, they seemed to appreciate being able to develop some of the core skills of journalism — writing, interviewing and identifying stories. I see them all going far in their sports journalism or sports media careers, and the opportunity to work or volunteer at the Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Mini Games in December will be the next step for many of them,” stated Lester.

WINS participants in Port Vila convey their warm gratitude to Lester, ABC International Development and Australian Government for an effective media and communications one week workshop that took place from September 11, 2017.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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