Westam FC wins BSP PVWfL Opening Knockout Title


16 September 2017 is the date noted on every diary of Women’s Futsal Clubs for the 2017/2018 Port Vila Women’s Futsal Championship.

Earlier preparations announced the revival of the Port Vila Women’s Futsal League (PVWFL) Opening which was kindly sponsored by Bank of South Pacific Vanuatu (BSP). The 3-week long knockout tournament attracted a great start seeing 12 interested women’s futsal teams enjoy their competitions from August 19 to 2 September 2017 at Vila Centreville School’s outdoor concrete field.

The tourney subsequently narrowed to third place and semi-final play-offs. Tokyo, Blue Wota and Westam FCs qualified from the playoffs. In the Westam FC v Blue Wotar FC game saw Westam’s defeat to a 2-1 win to book their entrance to the grand finals going up against Tokyo FC on September 2.

The grand finals produced some great futsal being played as Tokyo FC produce a strong start against Westam F.C with a high counter attack side in the first 10 minutes. Westam FC responded smartly cutting out spaces for the Tokyo players to pounce on which led them to producing 3 first half goals of the game.

Westam followed from its first half lead and proved themselves stronger and successfully sealing a further four goals to book their victory to a 7-1 win over Tokyo FC.These words, “We were proud that Westams came on board to boost women’s futsal teams” came from one of the officiators that day.

Results show Westam FC — crowned with BSP’s award of first prizes; Vt8000 cash, a Trophy and BSP shopping bags, water bottles and pens for each players.

2nd place was awarded to Tokyo FC with Vt5000 cash, a Trophy, BSP water bottles and pens for each players, and Blue Wota FC came third with Vt3000 cash, one Trophy and BSP pens.

In the BSP Individual players category award: Best scorer was Elodie Samuel whose’ scores totaled to 14, Best Keeper being Blue Wota’s Jesey Nalin, and, Westam FC’s Natasha Tuan awarded Best Player of the BSP knockout tournament.

BSP’s Retail and Marketing Officer Moana Korikalo remarked that BSP was proud to sponsor the BSP Port Vila Women’s Futsal League on behalf of BSP and especially proud to see a women’s sport that was dominated by males.

The determination, strength, and skills reflected the courage of the Futsal women athletes were reminded not only in the sport but also be maintained out of the field, in the communities, The secretary of the PVWFL Witnol Benko conveyed the League’s gratitude to Bank of South Pacific during his remarks.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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