Vanuatu’s 22-year-old boxer, Lionel Warawara, has won gold in the latest Australian Golden Glove tournament which took place from the 22nd- 26th August in Brisbane, Australia.

Member of Parliament, Uri Warawara, who is Lionel’s father and also local coach revealed the achievement when he arrived from Australia yesterday.

After winning Queensland’s 60kg champion, Liam Pope, in the third round, Lionel was selected by his coach to represent his club in the recent Australian Golden Glove championship.

He is registered under Coach Johnny Black’s boxing club, the Warrior Boxing Club Association.

It was from there that his coach noticed Warawara’s skills and decided to enter the talented boxer in the Golden Glove championship. He is also making arrangements for him to fight in the 60kg weight class.

MP Warawara says the Australian Golden Glove competition brings together all boxing club associations around Australia. It is an opportunity for boxers around Australia to come and prove themselves as champions to represent Australia in national and International tournaments.

Lionel took part in the 56kg weight where he proved himself to be a great boxer amongst the fighters participating in the tournament.

MP Warawara says this is a big achievement for the young boxer which puts Lionel as Australia’s 56kg champion and also Vanuatu’s champion.

In addition, Lionel has been selected to take part in a New South Wales boxing tournament which will take place in November. He was listed in the top names to compete against competitors in the upcoming tournament.

MP Warawara says the tournament will see fighters compete for a belt.

Vanuatu’s young champion is taking trainings at Australia through private sponsors and will arrive in Port Vila in September, due to visa issues. He will return Australia in late October to resume trainings for the NSW boxing competition in November and also prepare for the upcoming South Pacific games in Samoa.

MP Warawara is making arrangements with the Australia High Commissioner to grant Lionel a working visa so he can work to earn a living there during his trainings.

He says Lionel has put in a lot of efforts to build him up to where he is today. Through a lot of hardwork and struggles, he is now paving a gateway for Vanuatu boxers and Vanuatu in the boxing industry not only locally but also internationally.

MP Warawara says Lionel still needs a sponsor and is appealing to business houses in Vanuatu to help support the young boxer who is currently representing Vanuatu overseas in his trainings. Any business house/partners interested should contact him on #5655777 or contact the Daily Post.

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