Wan Smolbag wins Water Polo Competition

It was a beautiful day in the crystal-clear waters of Mele bay. Vanuatu Aquatics Federation took to the water to host their first water polo competition of 2019. The sun was shining, the water was warm and participants turned up excited to play and have fun with friends. There was a fantastic turn out of teams. In total, Vanuatu Aquatics had 7 teams on the day who competed for the title of the first water polo champions of 2019.

The Grand final displayed exceptional water polo skills, outstanding fitness and both teams put on a crowd-pleasing game. In the final it came down to the two strongest teams of the day. The team from Wan Smolbag Youth Centre had dominated throughout the day until a close semi final saw them move through to the final defeating the Misfits by 1 goal. Team Boss from Tebakor also dominated throughout the day coming up against the undefeated Wan Smolbag team in the Final. The game started with both teams going goal for goal. It was in the last minutes of the game that Wan Smolbag stretched the lead to 5 goals to 3 taking the win over Team Boss. The day closed with a presentation for the winning team along with a prize for the best and fairest player of the day which was awarded to Sampson from the Wan Smolbag team. Congratulations to all players and teams on the day.

Vanuatu Aquatics would like to say a big Thank you to all participants on the day and a special Thank you to our volunteers and sponsors; Bred Bank, The Beach Bar, Azure Pure Water, King Swimming and Nambawan Café.

Vanuatu Aquatics are looking to further develop water polo in Vanuatu. It is a great sport that combines swimming with hand eye coordination and team work. There is a weekly water polo training held at Mele beach every Tuesday at midday. The water polo program is made possible by the support from the Pacific Sport Partnership funded by the Australian Government.

Open Water swimming has been held back this year due to the swimming ban in Port Vila harbour, but we are kicking off our official swim season with a 1.25km swim from Le Lagon at 9.30am on the 25th of May. By swimming this smaller course, swimmers will get a taste of the conditions for the official “2.5km Vanuatu International Swim” course, which will be held on the 8th of June 2019.

For those wanting to help in making our International Swim a success please contact Ivan on Swimming@VanuatuAquatics.com or call 7714826. The more help we have, the better our competition will be.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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