The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) have had a successful three-day training camp at the Le life Resort, from 31st to the 2nd of February 2019 and are now preparing towards the Samoa 2019 Pacific Game in July 2019.

After the high-performance training at Le life Resort with an Australian consultant in the area of High Performance in Sport Aaron Alsop, the players have discovered another new way of preparing not only towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Campaign but also towards the Samoa 2019 pacific games.

Volleyball players for both beach and indoor volleyball around Port Vila, Luganvillie and Lenakel are already going through training’s from VVF representatives located in Efate, Santo and Tanna.

Players located in Santo have been doing their Fitness trainings at the indoor volleyball court located close to the Sanma Women’s Centre in Luganville, Santo. As for Tanna the players have been selected and have gone through some trainings with VVF representative Jack Roger at the Lamenu stadium at Lenakel, Tanna.

In Port Vila the players which are selected or are in the long list for Samoa 2019 have been doing their training at the Vanuatu beach volleyball court at the Stade area opposite the Netball court in Port Vila. Not only that the players also had their gym lesson with VVF’s Strength and Conditioning coach Charmaine Grame, and the support of our Germany coach Michel Bargmann who was funded by the FIVB to help develop volleyball in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

With four months away from the Pacific Game in Samoa, VVF German FIVB Coach Michel Bargmann has no time to waste as he steps into the court with the players and started his training sessions with them, giving them advice, and demonstrating new tactics and skills on handling the volleyball. He always makes sure his players have a common understanding of what he is trying to get across the players.

VVF have selected a few of the players for indoor and beach volleyball which are on the long list for Samoa 2019 from Santo, Tanna and Efate. With names already on the long list and trainings taking place, their will be a final selection of volleyball players based on the training session and their skills.

The federation would like to thank especially families, relatives, friends for continuing to encourage and support the involvement of their family member in playing volleyball.

VVF would also like to express its greater gratitude to the FIVB for funding German coach Michel Bargmann to base in Port Vila and help VVF in coaching the volleyball players towards any FIVB competitions or World Championships tournaments held around the world.

Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team is proudly sponsored by Air Vanuatu, VASANOC, FIVB, P&O Cruises, Project Clothing, Dynamic Tape and AZURE water.

The training Camp was supported by Le Life, Sea Change Lodge and Azure Pure Water.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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