Executive Committee blong Vanuatu Karatedo Federation (VKF) I wantem rimaendem everi Karate klab, Karate Instrakta, Karate student mo Spot Ofisa blong wan wan Provins

abaot olgeta konsisen blong fulfilim sapos oli wantem tekem pat long 2016 National Games we bambae i tekem ples long Luganville, Santo stat long namba 26 Novemba 2016 kasem namba 4 December, 2016.

VKF i wantem mekem i klia long everiwan se olgeta kondisen ia i go olsem:

1) Wan wan Karate tim blong wan provins i mas praktisim wan lo olgeta trifala Karatedo style we i exist long Vanuatu, we i gat:

-Shotokan Style we President blong style ia hemi John Louis, mobile kontak: 54 25 326

-Shito-Ryu Style we President blong style ia hemi Vincent Peato, mobile namba: 77 74 365

-Goju-Ryu Style we President blong style ia hemi Noel Lango, mobile kontak: 77 32 031

2) Wan wan karate tim i mas kontak wetem olgeta presidents o Chief Instrakta blong style blong Shotokan, Shito-Ryu mo Goju-Ryu mo mekem sua se klab blong olgeta i pem annual affiliation blong olgeta long wan wan federation blong Karatedo style blong olgeta bifo oli kam tekem pat long National Games long Luganville.

Hemia i min se VKF bambae i no alawem patisipesen blong eni klab we i no pem fee blong hem.

VKF i wantem tekem taem ia tu blong rimaendem everi karate student we oli stap train had se oli mas tingting blong jusum gud olgeta karate klab we oli affiliate long VKF follem stret proses sapos oli wantem blong representem mo difendem kala blong Vanuatu long olgeta upcoming International karate tunamen mo espeseli Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Games.

Strakja blong VKF i stap finis, mo blong kam memba blong VKF mo save ripresentem Vanuatu, wan wan karate klab long Vanuatu i mas komplae wetem olgeta rule blong wan wan federation blong trifala karatedo style ia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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