(L-R) VKF President, Vincent Peato and Kevin Kausiama

Last Saturday, marks another mile stone in the history of the karate family in Vanuatu, when Kevin Kausiama presented his credentials and affiliation to the president of the Vanuatu Karate Federation (VKF), Vincent Peato and his executive.

In 2017, Kausiama was one of the two first ever Vanuatu international (South Pacific) Karate referees. Earlier this year, Kausiama managed to obtain his Oceania karate referee badge during the Oceania competition in Australia, and again on 24th May 2019 he obtain his recognition from the Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-do International, accepting him as a Sensei in Vanuatu who can run and operate Goju ryu karate clubs.

The VKF is reportedly very happy with this achievement. He said that this achievement is for the benefit of the karate family in Vanuatu, and he i looking forward that such a development will be contributed to the sharing of the Karate discipline throughout Vanuatu.

He said the Federation is planning to organise a series of awareness programs and events in our communities to get the participation of the community and also as preparation toward upcoming national and international tournaments later this year. He also encourages the community to be part of the Karate discipline, as can be a tool for development in the communities with many benefiting social aspects.

Peato, also stated that, Kausiama’s achievement is a also a fulfilment of his aim to train and equip the younger generation to take over the federation and develop it for the younger generation. He said, Kausiama is now president of the Goju ryu Karate-do Federation in Vanuatu and anyone wanting to practice his style Karate (Goju ryu) must affiliate under his organization.

The ceremony was followed by a kava ceremony to seal the deal.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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