(L-R) Richard Iwai, Etienne Mermer, VFF President Lambert Maltock and Moise Poida at the Teouma Academy during the start of the FIFA Goal Project in 2008

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) President, Lambert Maltock, wishes to confirm that on Friday last week, it has unexpectedly and sadly received a letter of resignation from Moise Poida, giving notice to end his contract with VFF in the next three months.

“The letter contained only two short paragraphs, without giving any reason for such decision.

"As President of VFF, I felt very sad for such unexpected decision but can only sympathize for him as he is one of the leading coaches of VFF as well as being accredited with B License certificate in Vanuatu.

“When I started duty as VFF President 10 years ago and the vision of creating a proper academy of elite players for the country came up, I did not need to search for suitable and right people to help me and VFF.

"In my mind, Moise Poida, Etienne Mermer, Richard Iwai and David Chilia have had adequate experience to deliver as players and being well trained and coached by good coaches like Carlos Buzzetti and Robert Calvo.

"I trusted them all along despite many critics until Richard Iwai managed to win the Four Nations Cup in 2015, Etienne Mermer assisted U20 Team to qualify for FIFA World Cup in 2016 and again won the last Pacific Mini Games and this time Moise was tasked to help the new Champions Nalkutan FC to win in Vanuatu.

"For me personally in as far as I can say, I do not see any other local coach in the country that deliver better than these three persons and indeed Moise will be a great loss to VFF as a competent coach.

“I could recall sadly that we started out of nothing and from nowhere as it was just a dream and a wish.

"All of us were new to the field and we have come a long way.

"But in the end, we have left a lasting and unforgettable history and legacy for this country, not only in the last results but also in the previous competitions since 2008.

“May I take the opportunity on behalf of VFF Exco, staff, all presidents and leagues in all provinces and the football fans of this football-mad country - to express our most heartfelt gratitude to Moise Poida and Richard Iwai who are now leaving VFF.

"As the saying goes, 'it's always easy and joyful to welcome someone but it isn't always easy to say goodbye to those very close to you'.

"Thank you very much Moise for helping me and my Exco, Vanuatu Football and what you have done for the country for the last 10 years with VFF.

"Thank you for your faithfulness, humbleness, loyalty and service regardless what impressions people may have had on us.

“Lastly, I have tasked you Moise two years ago since 2016 for the mission with Nalkutan FC to win the National Championship, so I am proud that you have done it which made all Provinces very proud.

"Now the next mission, as I told you last 2 weeks, you stand a very good chance to go surely for the second round; so I am looking forward to a great result with the help of God.

"I wish you and the team officials as well as the players a very successful campaign for the O-League.

“God bless you and your lovely family as always and wish you all God's grace for your future missions,” President Maltock mentioned in his email to confirm Moise Poida’s resignation.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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