Anda long lidaship blong niufala FIFA President, Infantino, mane yus hemi stap anda long spotlaet oltaem, mo long manis ya FIFA, thru long Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) hemi kam blong anaonsem sam niufala kriteria blong olgeta FIFA Member Association (MA) oli mitim blong aksessem olgeta funds long FIFA.

“Mi raet under long own discretion blong mi olsem VFF President, OFC President mo FIFA Vice President blong givim aot wan important information long yumi everiwan,” VFF President Lambert Maltock i talem. “Ol Senia Staff blo VFF mo sam staff blong VFF oli save finis information ia but mi tink se emi necessary blong letem ol Exco Members, Presidents mo Members blong ol MAs, Leagues mo clubs too oli mas save long hem se start lo 2019, bambae i kat bigfala jenis lo saed long requirement blong recivim grants from FIFA lo wanwan confederations mo FIFA Members around lo world.

“FIFA hemi focus moa long promotem competitions mo impruvum standards blong football game ia worldwide mo lo every sekta long life blong communities. Emia I stap long niufala FIFA Project or Programme we oli kolem Foward 2.0.

“Long wik ya long Auckland, bambae i kat Exco meeting blong appruvum niufala strategic plan ia we ibass bigwan long FIFA Forward 2.0 we emi putumaot long circular ia follem wetem wan Workshop blong Exco we bambae FIFA I ranem blong help long saed reform mo good governance; mo after bambae ifollowed by Extra-ordinary Congress mo workshop blong olgeta General Secretaries, CEOs mo Finances Officers concernem strategic plans, competition cirteria ia mo funding control long ol 11 OFC MAs.

“Be blong VFF mi askem finis blong GS I putum long Congress long Emae blong ol delegates oli luk mo save mo adoptem olsem working criteria blong hem start long next year igo regarding competitions around long country.

“Olsem mi bin toktok wetem Competitions Manager, Bong Shem, se i luk very likely se bambae yumi mas jenisem format blong National Super League (NSL) mo regulations blo NSL, yumi mas modifaem blong meetim conditions and criteria blong FIFA funding start long 2019. For example long point 1 long circular ia talem olsem:

1. ‘organises men’s competitions (championship, league or cup), meaning nationwide regular competitions played as follows: over a period of at least six (6) months involving at least ten (10) teams with at least 90 matches played.’

“Time yu understand emia, already hemi askem se sapos yu part blong NSL, team or club blong yu i mas meetim target ia so that yu save benefit long mane we FIFA i givim blong fundem NSL. Emia imin se eni club ino save karem automatic entry i go lo NSL mo go kasem OFC Champions League sapos emi no fulfilim kriteria ia. FIFA i wantem real competitions mo real championships for at least 6 manis, wetem at least 10 team long everi leagues mo properly register so that ikat proof long statistics se funding I rili tajem communities raon long world we Vanuatu I part blong hem tu.

“Nara point mi wantem stresem se long start long 2020, OFC bambae emi resolve long meeting long week ia se Club Licenscing bambae i kam compulsory start long 2020. Mining se yumi kat 12 months blong preperem yumi blong restructure mo reorganaesem yumi at least long sam basic or 50% long ol requirement. Qualification i go long OFC Champions League emi subject lo requirements ia nao.

“So VFF Congress long Emae bambae emi wan interesting wan blo luk how or how much yumi ready blong meetim ol changes mo requirements ia.

“Be mi wantem sendem ol information ikam lo yufala evriwan fastaem so that yu save mo redi long hem lo time blong Congress or exco meeting blong yumi long December,” VFF President Maltock hemi talem.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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